Suffolk SAFEKey

Suffolk Police operates Suffolk SAFEKey to provide protection and assistance should you lose your keys. It also allows police access to Suffolk properties in the event of an incident occurring whilst you are away.

Over 7,000 people have joined Suffolk SAFEKey since its launch in 2013.

The cost of losing your keys

The average person carries £500 of keys on their fob*, this includes the cost of having keys cut and locks replaced, so the police are well aware of the cost and concern caused when losing your keys.

Here are some of the typical costs for vehicle lock repairs and replacements







Code and replacement key




Lock set and re-programme




Supply and code new key


Here are some of the typical costs for home lock repairs and replacements



Cut 3 x keys and replace locks


Benefits of joining

  • You will receive a metal constabulary-branded key fob, with unique reference number, to assist with the returning of keys.
  • Cover for your keys if lost anywhere in the UK or rest of the EU.
  • £10 reward to the finder of your keys, courtesy of Suffolk SAFEKey.
  • A window sticker to confirm your membership to officers attending your property, meaning reduced risk of burglaries or forced entries.

Supporting Local Charities and Projects

Money generated above what is required to operate Suffolk SAFEKey is driven back into the community to support projects and schemes that, as per the Police and Crime Commissioners objective, seek to improve the quality of life for those that live, work, travel and invest in Suffolk. 

Cost of membership: from £1 a month

Residential membership costs £12 (Inc. VAT) per year. Additional fobs can be purchased for £6 (Inc. VAT) each.

Non-residential membership costs £24 (Inc. VAT) per year. Additional fobs can be purchased for £12 (Inc. VAT) each.

To join Suffolk SAFEKey visit www.suffolk.safekey.org,uk or call the Suffolk SAFEKey helpline 08444 121 802, it takes 5 minutes to join online and start benefiting from this service.

By joining Suffolk SAFEKey you will automatically be entered into a free prize draw to win £250 of shopping vouchers.

* Based on Insurance Industry data, cost of replacing keys on average fob is £500 (Inc. keys and locks)