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Subject access request

If you would like to access the personal data held about you (subject to some conditions) on Suffolk Constabulary's systems, you will need to make a subject access request, providing copies of two identity documents and a £10 payment fee.

There are different ways that you can make a subject request;

If you require any assistance, or want to apply for conviction of caution details, visit our subject access request section.   

Subject Access Applications:

  • “On receipt of any Subject Access Request the Constabulary will check to ensure it is valid. 
  • Submitting and paying for a Subject Access Request does not necessarily mean that it is valid.  It is only considered to be valid once the Constabulary has completed its checks and confirmed back to you by way of letter that it is valid. The statutory time period for the Constabulary to provide a response commences at this point.   
  • Reasons why a request might fail the Constabulary’s checks include not providing sufficient identification, requesting to view someone else’s data or not providing sufficient information to locate personal data relating to you. 
  • If your Subject Access Request is checked and found to be invalid the Constabulary will get in touch with you requesting the additional information to complete the validation process.
  • There may be occasions when a subject access request is refused. If this is the case a refund will be issued.”


1 Start 2 About yourself 3 Details of Your Request 4 Declaration and signature 5 Complete


I’m sorry but you cannot apply online as we can only accept a bank/credit card signature as the applicant’s Proof of ID