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Firearms and shotgun application

Changes to the Law on Antique Firearms 

The law on antique firearms is changing.  From 22 March 2021 some firearms previously regarded as antique, and therefore exempt from control, no longer qualify as such and must now be licensed. Owners of these firearms must act by 21 September 2021 to licence them or lawfully dispose of them. 

For further details please refer to the Home Office Website via the following link


How can I apply for a firearm or shotgun certificate?

You will need to fill in and return the application form.

For a firearms certificate application please also complete the land authority / club membership form as appropriate. 


Where do I send my application and fee?

Please pay online here


How do I apply for a variation to my firearm certificate?

To apply for a variation to your firearm certificate you will need to download and complete the variation form

Please ensure that you send your current firearm certificate with your application.

For more information on Firearms Law, please refer to the Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law.


What next?

Applications for the grant of firearm and shotgun certificates, and firearm variations should be sent to:

Firearms Licensing Unit
Suffolk Constabulary
Portal Avenue

If you need further assistance please contact us.




  • “Firearms Licensing Applications may only be progressed once a fully completed application has been received by the Joint Firearms Licensing Unit including any applicable fee. 
  • Applications may only be granted where the requirements of the Firearms Acts have been met. 
  • Where an application cannot be progressed, is withdrawn or a decision is made to refuse the application,  the applicant will be contacted by the Firearms Licensing Unit and the application fee will be refunded.“