Road Collisions Support Team Extract requests

Welcome to The Road Collisions Support Team (RCST) Extract request page.

The RCST only deal with accidents that have occurred in Norfolk or Suffolk. It is important to note that not all collisions reported to the police will have a full report prepared.

In many cases where all drivers have met their duties under the Road Traffic Act, there are no injuries and no substantive evidence of offences, only an Incident Report with basic details will exist.

This is the only route to obtain confirmation that the Police hold collision details, Limited Particulars and copies of the collision book, statements made and Additional material and to arrange an Officer Interview.

Limited Particulars

Providing names and addresses of all parties, in line with the Road Traffic Act 1988 and confirmation of date and location.

Basic Accident Report

Copy of collision report book including any statements and records of interviews contained within it.

Additional Material 

Copies of witness statements and records of interviews contained outside of the accident book can also be requested along with photos, CCTV, Dashcam or Witness Contact requests.

Officer Interviews

Request an Interview with the officer who attended the Collision.             

This can only be requested once you have received a collision report.              

Fatal or Life Changing Accidents                  

If this relates to a Fatal or Life changing Injury accident. The RCST can provide either third party details or the Collision report as detailed above and will pass your details on to the Forensic Collision Investigation Unit (FCIU) who will then be able to provide details of other documentation they have available.


There are charges for these services as the activities are additional to the normal provision of Police services, these are governed by the National Police Chief’s Council guidelines and are updated annually. Please see also the NPCC Charges 23-24

The new charges should be applied to requests with immediate effect and could hold requests that need further payment to complete and result in returns and or refunds.


Payments will be taken by BACS bank account details. The system will provide you with a reference number which must be included in your payment.

Work will only be done on your request once we have received confirmation of payment.

Online banking functionality allows for one payment for one request. It cannot process multiple requests.

Where possible we will try and respond via email.


If your request is not yet available to be released (Collision reports, Officer Interview or Material from the schedule) and likely to be more than 30 days, the fee will be refunded via BACS and you will be given details as to when the items will be available. In the event of an overpayment, the excess will be refunded. If an underpayment is made, the whole amount will be refunded and details provided as to the correct amount.


Information is handled in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 which set out the principles of good information handling practice and governs the fair and lawful processing, maintenance and security of data. For further details on how we use information and your information rights, please see the Information Charter


Please use the below application to request a search and to confirm Collision report number (CRASH Reference) and to confirm what information the Police have available.

What do you need?

Contact details, your client’s personal information, time and location of collision, the ability to pay by BACS, 10 minutes to fill in this form

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Reference numbers explained
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 Reference guide

Possible reference 

Format example 

CRASH Reference

0000000 (5-7 digits numerical reference)

Access Number (Historic system)


2 letters/up to 5 digits/the year 

Case Reference 


2 numbers/2 letter/5 digits/the year

Investigation/ Crime number 


2 numbers/up to 5 digits/the year

Custody Reference 

00AB or 00A1/00000/20

2 number, 2 letters or a letter and a number /up to 5 digits /the year

Webstorm/ Incident Report 


2 letters, the date/ up to 3 digits 


Note: If you are using Internet Explorer you may not be able to complete this form. Supported browsers include Edge, Chrome and Firefox etc.


Requests submitted by selecting the incorrect options will not be processed.

Do you have either a CRASH reference or an Access Number as detailed in the above Reference guide?
Do you have a reference given to you by the RCST
Have you been informed what is available?