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Software rolled out that truly helps the front line

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With Suffolk looking to their future front line policing plans as the new financial year begins, one investment from 2020 that has had a truly successful outcome is a new software application named OPTIK.

This application, which is accessible to frontline police officers remotely on a tablet or phone, searches across multiple policing systems at the push of a button. The access given ensures the right information, exactly when needed and enables more informed, reasoned decisions to be made based on details and background which is immediately available.

Functions within the new software include the scanning of fingerprints of suspected offenders on the street enabling the identification and arrest of wanted criminals. Officers will be able to plug in a small fingerprint reader to their device and OPTIK will return results from immigration and criminal databases within a minute or two. This particular function has already seen great success in pilot trials and has helped officers to bring offenders immediately off the streets who may otherwise have evaded justice.

With over 1750 people across both forces able to use the software licences at any one time, the new application is seen as something that provides the most benefit to our communities. It is both more efficient and more effective than paper based solutions, which often involved lost time and double keying, and officers who have access to OPTIK will now use it over many existing processes

ACC Simon Megicks, who led on the introduction of the project, welcomed this final rollout, saying: “OPTIK, is a mobile policing solution for Suffolk that offers a wide range of ‘on the job’ functions, saving frontline officers’ time and assisting them in completing numerous policing tasks.

“My aim with this project was always to offer officers a valuable resource which would assist them greatly in their day to day role yet also assist the public and with this final rollout I believe we have achieved this.

“OPTIK is an intuitive application with a simple dashboard-based design. Once you are logged in, all the functions are available from the buttons on the dashboard.

“We could not have achieved this investment in policing without the support of our Police and Crime Commissioners for which I am grateful.”

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said, “My role as PCC is to ensure the constabulary has the resources it needs to help officers do their job, to cut crime and keep the county safe, so I have been very happy to support continued investment in the best equipment available.

“Technology is becoming more and more important in policing and this new OPTIK  software is a fantastic example of how technology helps improve performance and bring more criminals to justice.

“The finger-print technology is already used by the precept-funded Sentinel teams across the county and the excellent results speak for themselves.”