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Op Converter team expands closing 86 unsolved cases since November

Suffolk Constabulary’s Operation Converter team is celebrating excellent results for victims of crime in Suffolk with the addition of three new team members.

Operation Converter is an initiative aimed at encouraging offenders to admit their crimes. This has benefits for all – police are able to give victims some peace of mind that an offender has been caught for the burglary of their home or the theft of their property and the individual has the opportunity to clear their slate so they can have a fresh start when they are released from prison, without the possibility they will later be traced for a further offence. Offenders have to give sufficient detail for officers to be sure they have committed the crime and these offences are then ‘taken into consideration’ at sentencing.

Funding from the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner has enabled the expansion of the Operation Converter team, with the addition of two police constables and an administrator over the winter months.

Two investigating officers were recruited in November and they were joined by an additional member of staff in December. Since November, the team has worked with offenders across the county with the result that a further 86 crimes in Suffolk have been taken into consideration at sentencing.

Detective Inspector Matt Bodmer of Suffolk Police says, “The Op Converter initiative has really benefitted from the recruitment of three additional members, each of whom has brought their skills and experience to the team. 

Despite the pandemic related challenges, the team has continued to work with convicted offenders pre-sentence, in order to identify other crimes they may have committed and achieve positive outcome rates in respect of acquisitive crime.  Since November, we have already seen a further 86 crimes taken into consideration, including burglaries and vehicle crimes that have taken place in Suffolk. 

We are delighted with the progress and results of Op Converter and are pleased to highlight the important work by the team that continues to bring answers and closure to victims of crime across the county.” 

Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore says “An expansion of the Op Converter team was funded by this financial year’s policing precept increase and I am very pleased with the results achieved by the team to date. 

“The ability to clear unresolved crimes has many benefits. For the offender it means they can leave prison with a clean slate and this has shown to have a positive impact to reduce re-offending. More importantly victims can be reassured the person who committed a crime against them has been brought to justice.
"The overall aim of Op Converter is victim satisfaction, and what better way to achieve this than to be able to tell a victim that the offender has been apprehended.  Helping more victims have closure on the crimes they have experienced is very important for their general wellbeing and improves confidence in the criminal justice system.
“I fully supported the investment in this team, the work they do is making a real difference to public confidence, offender rehabilitation, property recovery and crime reduction.  Well done to all involved.”