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Motorcycle thefts in Lowestoft

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Police in Lowestoft are investigating a series of thefts of motorcycles that have taken place in recent weeks.  
Since the start of July there have been 24 reported offences in and around the town and surrounding areas with the majority taking place on a weekday overnight, generally between 1am and 3am with many taking place overnight Thursday into Friday. Eight thefts took place in September and in six of these cases the motorcycle was recovered.
Half of the offences involve the theft of Honda motorcycles and most thefts are from driveways as well as front gardens, residential car parks and a couple from rear gardens. 
The best way to secure your motorcycle is to use as many items as practical to make it difficult to steal. Locking your bike and following the other security steps may seem time-consuming, but it's nothing compared to the stress and cost of having your bike stolen. So investing time and money now will give you the confidence to ensure your motorcycle is as safe as possible.
Enquiries are on-going to locate the offenders and officers are looking at links between the various thefts reported.
Preventative tips motorcyclists can take include:
Consider a ground or wall anchor cemented in place, used with a heavy duty padlock & chain or shackle lock. Modern bikes are fitted with alarms & immobilisers, and when buying one, make sure it's insurance approved such as those endorsed by Sold Secure.
Try to mark parts of your motorcycle with your VIN (vehicle identification number), vehicle registration and postcode to identify you as the owner and make it more difficult for thieves to sell on parts.
Try to vary the places you park your bike so that potential thieves don't learn your habits.
If you are out and about, lock your bike to something fixed to the ground such as security loops, stands, lamps or a road signpost. 
You could also consider the following measures:
-Consider adding a tracker to your motorbike
-Consider sensor lights on gardens and driveways
-Consider CCTV or a ring doorbell or ring camera covering your property
-Ensure you report the theft immediately to the police 
-Take photos of your motorcycle
If you see or hear of any suspicious activity  close to parked motorcycles please call Lowestoft police.
Crimestoppers – Contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111, or via their online form: 
Phone – Call 101