Closure order on Ipswich property

Police in Ipswich have imposed a closure order on a property in the town following concerns about drug taking and persistent anti-social behaviour at the premises.

The full closure order for a property in Austin Street was sought and granted Wednesday 29 March 2023 and has been granted for three months. It follows joint operation with Ipswich Borough Council to tackle the issues linked to the address.  The order, that saw the property boarded up, means all those residing at the address have to vacate the property.  Residents living in the area nearby have been advised of the development by means of a hand delivered letter.

Anybody entering the property in breach of the order now commits a criminal offence and can be arrested.

PC Beth Harper of Ipswich West and Hadleigh SNT said: "We strive to make our areas a safer place for the local communities. This application for this order would not have been possible, without the support and information from local residents. In securing this order we hope this will improve the quality of life for residents and sends the message that this type of activity will not be tolerated and that we will take action. We will continue to work with the partners and the public to ensure our communities are safe.”

The order will last for three months from the date of issue and local officers will be continuing work to stop these issues from returning.