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Ipswich – Appeal following road related incident

Police are appealing for witnesses following a road related incident in Ipswich.

At approximately 2.30pm on Friday 6 December, a man aged in his 70s, who was driving a blue Ford Fusion, joined St Augustine’s roundabout and, as he did so, another driver joined, before both vehicles turned into Bixley Road.

The other motorist, who was driving a dark blue BMW, then acted in an aggressive manner by flashing their headlights and sounding their horn.

It was at this point the other driver proceeded to follow the man’s car as he drove to Ipswich Hospital. Once inside the car park, the other driver punched the man’s car and shouted insults at him.

A member of the public, a woman, then intervened and warned the other driver to leave the man alone.

Some time later, when the man returned to his car in the car park, he discovered that the tyre was flat due to a valve that had been snapped off.

The man was left shaken by the incident but was not physically harmed.

The suspect is described as male with shaved hair. He was also short and drove a dark blue BMW.

Officers would be keen to speak to anyone who may have seen the manner of driving of both of the vehicles at the roundabout, the verbal altercation at Ipswich Hospital or anyone acting suspiciously in the car park later the same day.

Anyone with any information should contact Suffolk police by quoting crime number: 37/75043/19

Website: http://www.suffolk.police.uk/contact-us/existing-report-update
Email: [email protected]

Phone – call 101
Please note in the event of an emergency you should always call 999