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Communities urged against public gatherings

Suffolk Constabulary is reminding communities to ‘stick with it’ and continue to comply with government social distancing measures to tackle coronavirus and not to gather in public.

It follows reports of two incidents of groups of around 20 young people gathering for barbeques and parties outdoors in the North Denes area of Lowestoft, covering the area near to Links Hill and Gunton Woods. The first took place yesterday Monday 18 May at around 5pm and the second at around 1am in the early hours of today, Tuesday.

Officers attended both incidents, spoke to those involved and dispersed the people back to their homes. Pro-active policing patrols are continuing across the county.

Insp Claire Simons from Lowestoft police said: "These two incidents have been the exception rather than the rule. We appreciate that the public has responded to the extraordinary restrictions placed on them as part of the national effort to save lives and know that the vast majority have followed the Government’s regulations, making personal sacrifices to do so. We continue to urge public to continue to show restraint, self-awareness and common sense and stick with it.”

Officers will be out in our communities as normal and will continue to engage, educate and encourage people to comply before resorting to the law.

Public gatherings of more than two people who do not live together are prohibited. The new guidelines allow one person to meet one other person from outside their household outdoors. Government advice is that they stay more than 2m apart. Legislation has been introduced giving police powers to disperse public gatherings and fine those who do not follow the rules.

Anybody with concerns about unauthorised gatherings should contact police via

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