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Ipswich – Man jailed for aggressive begging and other offences

Carl Horth

A 31-year-old man has been jailed for a number of offences in Ipswich, including aggressive begging and causing distress to members of the public. He was also convicted of theft from a church and breaching a Community Protection Notice.

Carl Horth, of no fixed address, appeared before Ipswich Magistrates’ Court on Saturday 16 February, where he was sentenced to 15 weeks’ imprisonment and issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order restricting his access to the town centre.

Horth had pleaded guilty to the following eight offences:

  • Using threatening or abusive behaviour with intent to cause fear. This relates to an incident in October 2018, when he threatened to stab a woman with a needle used to inject drugs, after she found him in a communal area of a block of flats in Grimwade Street.
  • Using threatening or abusive behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress. This is in relation to an incident on Tuesday 12 February where he made aggressive requests for money to a man in Fore Street.
  • Using threatening or abusive behaviour with intent to cause fear or distress. This in in connection with an incident on Thursday 14 February where a resident of a block of flats in Grimwade Street found him smoking cannabis outside her flat. She had encountered him earlier the same week lying in a puddle of urine near her flat door. The distress caused by these incidents caused the victim to be unwell.
  • Theft of an altar cloth from St Mary at the Elms Church on Monday 3 December
  • Four breaches of a Community Protection Notice (CPN) issued in October 2018. This involved incidents where he approached members of the public asking for money in a public house, a hotel and a car park (occurring on 12 November, 27 January and 4 February respectively). The final breach offence relates to him accessing an office building in Lower Brook Street, where he left rubbish and drugs paraphernalia in the toilets and stairwells.

The Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) lasts for three years and bans Horth from entering Ipswich town centre, unless attending a pre-arranged appointment with the police, a support service, or other authority.

It also prohibits him from: begging for money, or any other item, within the Borough of Ipswich; remaining on any premises (public or private) within the borough if asked to leave by a person responsible for it; entering any premises in the borough from which he has already been banned; and sleeping in any communal area of any housing block within the borough. (These are similar to the conditions of the original CPN).

Breaching a CBO is in itself a criminal offence and can result in an immediate prison sentence.

Sgt Vicky McParland, of Ipswich Central Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Carl Horth is a persistent beggar and has been a menace to those who live and work in Ipswich, along with visitors to the town.

“In addition to pestering people for money, he often forces his way into communal areas of buildings, leaving behind rubbish and is also known to both urinate and defecate in them.

“His aggressive and threatening behaviour has upset many people and he refused to comply with a Community Protection Notice issued to him in October last year.

“This notice was an opportunity for him to correct his behaviour without being prosecuted. He was offered support and assistance from the many services available to him in Ipswich, but he refuses to engage with them.

“In light of his continued offending, we were left with no option but to apply for magistrates to impose the Criminal Behaviour Order banning him from the town centre. This will enable us to deal with him swiftly should he breach the order after he is released from prison.”