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Man jailed after Lowestoft burglary


A 32 year old man was yesterday (Thur 13 September) jailed for six years after pleading guilty to a Lowestoft burglary.

Shaun Holland of Sackville Close in Cambridge was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court after he was charged with burglary. Under Operation Converter,  the Suffolk based initiative where offenders are interviewed regarding the whole of their criminal activity, Holland went on to admit four other offences.

The offence Holland was charged with took place in Lowestoft on 20 April 2018 on Worthing Road. A woman, aged in her 80s, answered the door after the doorbell rang.  She allowed the man inside her home after he claimed he needed to retrieve a football in her back garden.  The suspect was in the garden for approximately five minutes and then left via the front door - two hours later the victim noticed that her handbag was missing.

Holland also admitted four other offences - a distraction burglary also in Lowestoft on 10 April 2018. An elderly woman answered the door to a man who was claimed he was a workman doing some work in the street. He asked if she had any blockages to her drains and persuaded her to let him enter the property. Once inside he stole the victim’s handbag and the contents, including £200 in cash. Holland also admitted a distraction burglary in Cromer on 23 April where a handbag was stolen, a distraction burglary in Caister on Sea on 24 April where a handbag and jewellery were stolen and on 1 May, also in Cromer, where cash and jewellery were stolen from an upstairs bedroom.

Commenting on the sentencing of Holland, DC Duncan Etchells from the Operation Converter team said: "Burglary is a clear invasion of people’s homes and their personal space and can be very upsetting and distressing for the victims. Hopefully the sentence given in this case will provide some peace of mind to Holland’s victims and also act as a deterrent to other would-be burglars.”
"I’d take this opportunity to remind householders to be vigilant -if an unexpected person calls at your house, you should ask for ID which a genuine visitor will be happy to provide. If you are unsure about a caller to your home, do not allow entry and call police immediately.”

The conviction comes as the total number of crimes ‘Taken Into Consideration’ (not all of these would be for burglary offences) by offenders in Suffolk since 1 April 2018 until the end of August 2018 reached 303. It compares to a total of 310 crimes for the whole financial year for 2017/18.

Head of Investigations, Detective Superintendent Andy Smith, said: "These figures demonstrate what a positive impact Operation Converter is having. This initiative, engages offenders and aims to identify the full extent of their criminality. It has enabled the police to solve more crimes, bring closure for more victims and ensure our courts provide sentences which reflect the totality of an individual’s offending and their willingness to change. It also benefits offenders, not least because they are taking moral responsibility for their past wrong doing and by cleaning their slate they are removing the very real risk of their being further arrested for offences when they are released from prison.

"Offenders have to give sufficient detail for officers to be sure they have committed the crime and these offences are then ‘taken into consideration’ at sentencing. The judge will look at all the offences in totality before determining the sentence.”

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: "This is great pro-active work by the Constabulary. It’s really important for victims to know justice has been done. so encouraging offenders to admit to other crimes not only gives victims a sense of justice, it improves solved rates and hopefully gives the offender a better chance of rehabilitation on their release.

"Officers know that burglars are often responsible for many similar crimes and Operation Converter is a very effective way of giving offenders the opportunity to admit to further crimes if they choose.”