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ASB operation wins praise from community

Officers on patrol

A summer initiative to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) in communities across Ipswich and the surrounding areas has won praise from members of the local community.

During the summer under the banner of Operation Parkland (1) officers have conducted targeted patrols in particular ‘hot-spot’ locations where members of the public have reported various incidents of unacceptable behaviour.

Officers have been busy conducting dedicated patrols, arresting suspects, engaging with members of the local community, including victims of ASB and offenders and their families and issuing warning letters.

Since July until early September officers have secured a string of successes. These include 13 arrests, imposing four closure notices (2) on properties , conducted 34 stop searches, sent 12 Community Protection Notice warning letters (3), five community resolutions (4),  and made seven youth offending team referrals for further action. Officers have also fitted 25 Ring doorbells – these are small doorbell cameras provided to victims of repeat ASB).

Commander Superintendent for the Southern Area Kerry Cutler said: "By listening to residents’ concerns and putting officers into targeted areas we have been able to prevent ASB, target those causing the ASB and ensure they are held accountable.

"We have engaged with communities to identify areas that we are not already aware of and have also been working with our partners, including schools, to positively divert and protect those involved in ASB to prevent more serious offending.

"Also we need to convey a big thank you to the Special Constabulary who have provided 211 hours of patrols for which are extremely grateful for.

"We really hope that people notice a difference, but we aren’t resting on our laurels. Please keep reporting ASB to us to help us to gain a full understanding of what is happening in the area so we can take appropriate action. For those who are unwilling to respect their communities, we will take positive measures against them.”

Some of the comments from local residents and businesses included the following:

Hawthorn Drive Library, Ipswich - "The SNT have supported the Chantry community a huge amount in the last year…nobody has been alienated or targeted they have been spoken to with respect….I wouldn’t like to think where we would be without your support.”

Co-Op Store at Hawthorn Drive -  "Since working more closely Suffolk police we have seen an impressive reduction in ASB with incidents at the store falling by approximately 70%...we were able to pass on information as well as doing joint visits to local residents and businesses.”

 "Residents on the whole were happy with SNT and partner agency response & felt that they were being listened to and that issues had decreased in the area.”

"Many thanks again for all your colleagues’ efforts to make the reserve a safer and more pleasant place for people to visit – no doubt that the increased visible presence has helped.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk Tim Passmore said: "We all find anti-social behaviour a real nuisance which can blight whole areas and there is no excuse for it.

"I think the Constabulary has done a very good job over the summer by working with local people and businesses which clearly has had a positive effect.

"I still find it very disappointing that some parents have no idea where their children are or what they are doing, and they have a responsibility to ensure their offspring know what’s acceptable and what isn’t.”


1 - Op Parkland covers the whole of the Southern area – Ipswich Central, Ipswich West, Ipswich East, Felixstowe, Hadleigh and Woodbridge

2 – Closure Notices prohibit access to a premises for a specified period to prevent nuisance or disorder from continuing

3 - CPNs prevent unreasonable behaviour that may have a negative impact on a community and failure to comply may result in a fine/fixed penalty notice

4 - The offender apologises to the victim, pays compensation or repairs any damage cause