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World Cup - remember the occasion for the right reason

With England just two wins away from World Cup glory police are reminding football fans to remember tonight’s semi-final match for the right reasons.

 Ahead of the match against Croatia this evening (Wednesday 11 July) officers are praising fans for their excellent behaviour so far.

 Police realise many supporters will go out to watch the game and are aware that a combination of alcohol and emotions can sometimes lead to an increase in public order offences. The message remains the same - behave appropriately and respect others at all times.

 Officers are also reiterating previous advice to fans of staying safe, sticking with their friends, and making sensible plans for returning home after the match, which kicks off at 7pm.

 Chief Inspector Matt Rose, of Suffolk Constabulary, said: "Win or lose, we ask that everyone thinks about the consequences of any behaviour or disorder. We want people to remember the match for the right reasons and not because you spent it under arrest and in a police cell.

 "Up to now we have had no reports of serious disorder following England’s games and we thank everyone who has followed the matches so far for their sensible behaviour. People have enjoyed the football passionately with great enthusiasm but also respectfully as well.

 "We would encourage everyone to enjoy the semi-final occasion, but in a considerate and tolerant way. We will have extra officers on duty to deal with incidents of anti-social behaviour or criminality.”

Excessive drinking can have very damaging consequences for those concerned, and sometimes for their families. Know your limits.

 If you watch a match at a pub or other public screening event make sure you plan ahead and take responsibility for yourself and your friends. Think about how you are going to get home safely and do not accept lifts from strangers. Remember friends stick with friends and drink or drive.

 We always take reports of domestic abuse seriously, see our website or call 101. In an emergency dial 999.