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Chief Constable urges restraint this Easter weekend

As the Easter weekend approaches, Suffolk’s Chief Constable is urging people to continue to comply with the government measures restricting movements to tackle coronavirus.

In a recorded message to the public Steve Jupp is repeating the importance of sticking to the government instruction of staying at home this Easter.

Chief Constable Jupp said: “We understand how difficult it is, but we are here to support you and keep you safe. It is heart-breaking to see what is happening around the country – when you see the footage of doctors and nurses and other health workers under the intense pressure they are currently facing.  It really re-affirms why we need to stick to the government measures to keep us all safe and protect the NHS.

“I would urge people show patience and restraint over the Easter weekend and follow the Government advice on social distancing.”

Unless your travel is essential, the only plans you should be making are to stay home and stay safe in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

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