Jeanette Kempton

Jeanette Kempton; body found

On 18 February 1989 the partially decomposed body of Jeanette Kempton was found in a ditch adjacent to the B1518 road at Wangford in Suffolk.

32-year-old Jeanette lived in Brixton, London with her ex-husband and their two teenage sons. Jeannette was last seen on 2 February 1989. On that evening she was last seen drinking in her local pub near her home in London, The Loughborough Hotel, with a man who was known to her. When Jeanette was found over two weeks later she had no personal possessions with her. The cause of death was strangulation.

Original Investigation

A major investigation was undertaken with an Incident Room being set up in Suffolk but with a computer link to Brixton Police Station; the first time a technical link had ever been used between the two constabularies.

Officers from both forces undertook a huge amount of enquiries in both Suffolk and Brixton but these, together with huge attention from the press and television, did not find Jeanette’s killer.

Jeanette kempton; body found

Location of Jeanette Kempton’s body as location looks in Sept 2014

Why has this case been looked at again?

In line with Suffolk Police’s commitment to solving crime this case has been one of a number, which have been subject to regular review. This case now forms part the unsolved case review process and is subject of continual review for lines of investigation that can progress this case.

There may also be witnesses who might, for any number of reasons, have been unable or unwilling to provide Police with information they hold. With the passage of time, those witnesses may now be in a better position to come forward in order to assist.

Current Progress

 A review of the forensic evidence has been carried out and the findings are subject of analysis to help provide direction to take the case forward.

Contact details

Major Crime Review Manager Mr Andy Guy

Email to be [email protected]