Edna Harvey


Edna Harvey; cold case

Edna Harvey – Operation Elderberry

On Tuesday 28 August 1984 Edna Mary Ann Harvey was murdered in her home on Finchley Road, Ipswich.

Edna who was born in 1897 was found by neighbours who had entered the property after seeing smoke coming from her front door. The neighbours did all they could to reach Edna but such was the smoke that they were unable to rescue her. Edna had been physically assaulted before her bed was set on fire.

Little is known about the movements of Edna during the days before her death and the general opinion at the time was this horrendous crime was a burglary “that went wrong”.

Original Investigation

A murder investigation was instigated and several known offenders were arrested, but no admissions were made. Many items were retrieved from the scene and sent for forensic analysis but at the time this did not present any new leads.

Why has this case been looked at again?

With the progression of Forensic Science over the last sixteen years the murder of Edna Harvey has been reviewed many times.


Edna Harvey; house

Edna Harvey’s house as it looked in Sept 2014

Why has this case been looked at again?

In line with Suffolk Police’s commitment to solving crime this case has been one of a number, which have been subject to regular review. This case now forms part the unsolved case review process and is subject of continual review for lines of investigation that can progress this case.

Current Progress

A review of the forensic evidence has been carried out and the findings are subject of analysis to help provide direction to take the case forward.

Contact details

Mr Andy Guy - Major Crime Review & Unsolved Case Manager

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