Bernard Oliver


Bernard Oliver - Operation Tattingstone

17-year-old Bernard Oliver lived in Muswell Hill, London with his father and five siblings.

On 6 January 1967 he left his home to spend the evening with friends but failed to return.

He was reported missing by his father the following morning.

There were sightings of Bernard after his disappearance in and around the Muswell Hill area of London by people who didn’t know he had been reported missing.

His dissected body was found in two suitcases in a field in Tattingstone, Suffolk on 16 January 1967 nine days after his family had reported him missing.

Bernard Oliver Scene

Bernard Oliver’s body was discovered in the two suitcases, which were found under a hedge in Tattingstone

Original Investigation

A major murder investigation was instigated and with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police enquiries were conducted both in Suffolk and Muswell Hill, London.

One line of enquiry was to try and establish the origins of the suitcases and a laundry mark found within them; this involved international enquiries for police officers.

Some 2045 statements were taken in the first four months of the investigation and numerous submissions were made to the Metropolitan Police Laboratory.

Senior Officers were still collating information and following up new leads into 1968 but no one was ever brought to justice for the murder.

Suitcases in the field

Two suitcases containing body parts were found

Why has this case been looked at again?

The discovery of Bernard’s body was of national interest and featured in all local and national newspapers.

At various stages over the years snippets of information have been presented to the police but as yet none have been able to produce any positive leads.

This case forms part the unsolved case review process and is subject of continual review for lines of investigation that can progress this case.

Current Progress

 A review of the forensic evidence has been concluded and the findings have been analysed to help provide direction to take the case forward.

Contact details

Mr Andy Guy - Major Crime Review & Unsolved Case Manager

Email: [email protected]