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Sarah & Robbie - Mounted Volunteer
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Why I chose to Volunteer:
I chose to be a volunteer as I had a keen desire to give a little back to the community, it was beneficial also for Robbie who needed a new found purpose after our competition days were over and today we still trek 8-10 miles 3-4 days a week enjoying the countryside whilst being the eyes and ears for Suffolk Police.

What Volunteering means to me and Robbie:
Volunteering gives me additional focus outside of my full time career as a Global Director where I am required to do a lot of travelling. Even though I am always on the move, I still have a desire and drive to give something back in life within my local community. Volunteering allows me to talk about something else other than my career and in turn creates interest outside of my day to day.

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Graham - Transport Services Support
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Graham joined the Suffolk Constabulary PSV Scheme in May 2014 and has supported our Transport Department with passion and dedication.

Since joining, Graham has assisted in lots of different areas of the transport department, in particular, driving duties and stores work.

He has developed a wide range of skills and his knowledge never ceases to amaze those around him.  

Tarnia Harris – Transport Supervisor, Suffolk Constabulary said, “Whilst Covid has been hugely challenging, Graham excelled by nearly doubling his normal hours to support us – An incredible donation of his time! His assistance and contribution have been invaluable and it’s been an absolute privilege to have him with us.  Graham is seen as an integral part of the team.”

When COVID19 led to National Lockdown, Graham remained resolute and committed to not only provide his normal hours of volunteering, but by stepping up to support the department throughout the entire pandemic by increasing his hours and areas of support.

Graham’s duties have included the delivery of much needed PPE to all areas of Norfolk and Suffolk.

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Lucy - Role Player
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Inspector Matt Breeze - Cadet Leader
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“My favourite thing about being a leader is seeing the young people grow in themselves over the time that we work with them. Whilst not all want to join the police, seeing those that do go on to join, knowing that you have helped develop and inspire them is very rewarding”.

Being a cadet leader is some-thing different from normal policing, you can place a certain amount of influence on cadets you work with and see them grow which gives you a great deal of satisfaction.”

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Dave - Local Policing Volunteer
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Rianna - Cadet Leader
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Riannas’ journey has seen her join as a cadet, become a Special Constable, join as a Regular Officer and now also taking on the role of a Cadet Leader within Suffolk Constabulary.    

“Being a cadet enhanced my understanding of different roles within the service and the way the police deal with incidents”

Rianna has been able to gain much knowledge and experience through being a volunteer,

“Although I was young when I first started with the cadets, there are many aspects of my volunteering I will never forget. I have gained confidence in dealing with conflict which has assisted me in and out of uniform. I have developed such a vast and varied amount of knowledge from Cadet through to Special Constable and now Police Constable. I would highly recommend volunteering for the Constabulary. Being a volunteer has given me an insight into what happens within the Police Service and other areas of the community and confirmed this is the career for me.”

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Trevor - Cadet Leader