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Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) work alongside regular police officers, special constables and staff from other agencies to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour to improve people's quality of life.

PCSOs are crucial members of Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Suffolk, which provide a neighbourhood policing service to local people across the county, focusing on 4 key overarching roles. These are:

Vulnerability and safeguarding – such as domestic abuse, victim support, hate crime/mate crime, cybercrime and supporting members of society with additional needs.

Community Engagement – such as dealing with local issues and concerns and looking at areas such as emerging communities, schools and youth engagement, Community Speedwatch and Prevent.

Demand Management – such as mental health, Suffolk Family Focus, anti-social behaviour and licensing.

Crime Reduction – such as retail crime, rural crime, including Shop Watch and Farm Watch and business crime.

PCSOs have new core roles that further underpin this work, responding to demands and are adapted to each Locality team.

What does a PCSO do?

Activities that PCSOs will be involved with in delivering neighbourhood policing services include:

  • Providing high visibility patrols, for public reassurance, reducing fear of crime and anti-social behaviour in support of the Police and Crime plan.
  • Focused community engagement with communities to understand and address local needs, such as victims of crime, new and emerging communities, young people and the business sector.
  • Building working relationships with Partner Agencies to help identify solutions to prevent local crime and anti-social behaviour at an early stage by tackling the root causes.
  • Identifying and reducing community issues, tensions and fears through coordinated intervention processes, including multi-agency problem solving , evidence gathering and early intervention.

If you would like further information about the role, please telephone the recruitment team on 01953 425699 and dial extension 2334. Alternatively, email:  [email protected]

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PCSOs are:

  • employed by the police force
  • required to wear a uniform which identifies them as a PCSO - but distinguishes them from a police officer
  • recruited from local communities
  • given full training
  • an integral part of Safer Neighbourhood Teams, together with police officers, specials and staff from partner agencies and organisations
  • focused on foot patrols
  • given limited powers, which relate mainly to minor street offences.

PCSOs have the power to:

  • issue fixed penalty notices in respect of Cycling on the footway; S72 Highways Act 1835, Dog fouling; Dogs (fouling of land act) 1996, Litter; S88 Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • confiscate alcohol in designated public places
  • confiscate alcohol and tobacco from young persons
  • remove abandoned vehicles
  • seize vehicles used to cause alarm; S59
  • enter to save life or limb or prevent serious damage to property
  • carry out road checks
  • use certain powers under the Terrorism Act
  • stop vehicles for the purpose of testing
  • regulate traffic for the purpose of escorting abnormal loads
  • carry out the functions of traffic wardens.

PCSOs wear:

  • a cap with a blue band. The badge displays ‘Police Community Support Officer, Suffolk Constabulary’
  • a white uniform shirt
  • a standard police uniform trousers
  • a royal blue tie
  • royal blue epaulettes marked with ‘Police Community Support Officer’ and personal identification numbers
  • a black anorak/hi-visibility jacket with a panel on the back marked "Police Community Support Officer" and personal identification numbers on epaulettes.

Further information

More details about becoming a PCSO can be found on the College of Policing website.

If you would like further information about the role, please telephone the recruitment team on 01953 425699 and dial extension 2312 or 2334. Alternatively, email: [email protected]

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The role and eligibility

Before you apply to be a PCSO please read the detailed information about the role of a PCSO on the Police Could You website. Here, you will also discover if you are eligible for the role and if the work is suited to you.


We would also encourage you to read our diversity page, which explains how we are keen to develop a workforce to serve a diverse community.

It also gives information about how we can help potential applicants with their applications, as well as the ongoing support we give to all our staff through our extensive staff support networks.

Completing the application form

When you complete your application form, please remember to state which district council area you prefer to work in.

Rules for new PCSO recruits who want to apply for other roles within the organisation

To ensure that new recruits fully establish themselves within our communities and Safer Neighbourhood Teams, PCSOs who join the Constabulary will be restricted from applying for police officer and other police staff roles for a period of 24 months from their date of joining.