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1. Detective Entry overview

VIDEO: The above online information evening took place in June 2020 as we could not hold the event at our Police Headquarters due to COVID-19 restrictions. We strongly encourage you watch the recording of this presentation as it will tell you all you need to know about the recruitment process and the role of a detective.

Detective recruitment will be open from Monday 2 November - Friday 20 November.

Read the Detective Entry Recruitment Brochure

To apply, complete our Eligiblity form

Webchat - 10 November

We are holding an online Q&A webchat on Tuesday 10 November at 5.30pm. We are keen to answer as many questions as possible and so will be providing written responses rather than a video livestream.

Detective Chief Superintendent Eamonn Bridger and Detective Chief Inspector Nicky Wallace will be on hand to answer any questions about Detective Entry. We will only respond to questions about the role of a detective and recruitment, if you want to report something or have a specific query please go to our contact us section.

The traditional career pathway to becoming a detective constable would see you join as a uniformed police officer first, moving into the the detective route following a period of service. However, we are now giving you the opportunity to enter the service and train to become a detective following a condensed period as a uniformed police constable . This is the first Direct Entry Detective Constable campaign that Suffolk Constabulary have held, if successful you will be one of our first cohorts of detectives!

It is a huge challenge, but we are confident you will find it incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

In these webpages you will be able to discover more about the detective constable role, its demands, the pay and benefits, how to apply as well as being able to read some testimonials of Suffolk officers already in the post.

We are seeking talented individuals who possess the aptitude to perform as a detective, without necessarily having prior policing experience.

It won't be easy. The selection process is multi-layered and designed to be rigorous to ensure we select the right individuals.

  • Stage 1: successfully complete and pass the paper application process which looks at your suitability to join the detective entry scheme.
  • Stage 2: successfully complete the online College of Policing Assessment Centre.
  • Stage 3: invited to attend a bespoke detective assessment day based at Police Headquarters, Martlesham. This will involve exercises to test decision making, report writing and observation skills before being interviewed by a panel which is comprised of senior detectives.
  • Stage 4: following successful completion of all of the above you will receive a conditional offer and progress with our pre-employment checks (medial, fitness, vetting & biometrics).

In this unique and exciting role, you will be working on a wide variety of serious and complex crime investigations. This will include incidents ranging from sudden deaths, serious assaults, robberies, burglaries, frauds, cyber enabled crimes to serious sex offences including rape and child abuse.

There is huge personal satisfaction securing positive outcomes for victims as well as keeping our communities safe by taking criminals off our streets.

As an officer, whether you are a Police Constable or Detective Constable it requires a wide array of skills and qualities. These include a strong belief in public service, emotional intelligence, compassion, resilience, determination, excellent communication, confidence to make difficult decisions and not least a methodical mind with an eye for detail.

Still interested? Then read on for more details to see if could be the career for you. This really is a job like no other.

If you have any questions then have a look at our Detective Entry FAQs or the Detective Entry Overview brochure.

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