1. Detective Entry overview


Join Suffolk police as a Detective Constable

Detective recruitment will be open from Monday 8 August - Friday 9 September.

If you are after a new career where every day brings a different challenge, becoming a detective could be just what you are looking for.

Suffolk Constabulary is, for a short period, giving people the opportunity to join the force and become a detective constable.

Traditionally, the path to becoming a detective would see entrants join as a uniformed police officer before being able to specialise. However, Suffolk is giving people with the appropriate transferable skills, knowledge and experience the chance to work alongside fellow detectives within six months of joining the police.

No policing experience is necessary to take on this opportunity, but it is essential that individuals have the ability and commitment to quickly absorb new skills and information. The selection process will draw out applicants’ personal experiences, qualities and aptitude to become detective constables.  

The selection process will involve a written application and interview stage. Applicants successful at final interview will be undergo a medical assessment, fitness test and vetting before a job offer will be made.

Detective training meets all the essential requirements of a police constable. Through work-based activity and assessment, a diploma and two year probation period must be completed.

Read the Detective Entry Recruitment Brochure

Attend our information evening

Those interested can learn more about the detective entry process and relevant career pathways at an open evening, on Wednesday 24 August in the Assembly Hall, Suffolk Constabulary Police Headquarters. To attend, please send an email to [email protected].

Detective Entry Recruitment Timeline

  • Applications and comms launch – 8th August
  • Open evening – 24th August at HQ from 1830hrs
  • Applications close – 9th September
  • Applicants will be invited to interview stage by 16th September
  • Interviews 26-30 September

To apply, complete our Eligiblity form


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