1. Welcome to the Suffolk Hope Awards


Suffolk Constabulary and Suffolk County Council and their partners have chosen the winners of the third Suffolk HOPE Awards - launched during National Hate Crime Awareness Week - to recognise and celebrate the positive contributions that young people make within the county.

Thirteen secondary schools and education providers nominated youngsters between 16 and 18 years old for a number of sections - all took part in inspiring projects or activities for themselves and those around them.

The judges were impressed with all those who were nominated, among them the overall winner, Daniel Haddock, of Chantry Academy. 

Watch here how Daniel copes with the extra work and what some of the judges and his school think of his achievements and of the Hope Awards scheme itself ..


Nominations for the Hope Awards are welcome for any young person aged between 11 and 18 years-old who has gone above and beyond and continued to demonstrate resilience, determination and teamworking. 

The application window opens yearly – see ‘apply here’ to see when the application window is next open.




The categories were as follows:


DIVERSITY – Individuals or groups who have promoted diversity, taken a stand to prevent/stop discrimination, have undertaken activity to help challenge a negative mindset and affected positive change. 


RESPECT AND KINDNESS – Kindness is often an underestimated attribute; this category aims to recognise actions (both large and small) which demonstrate compassion and an understanding of another’s struggles.


TEAMWORK – Teamwork is a skill carried forward from school to higher education, work and adulthood. This category aims to acknowledge the benefits of sharing ideas and experiences and finding a common approach to solve an issue.


DETERMINATION – This category aims to celebrate and recognise the determination and resilience of our young people and reward their positive attitude to finding solutions or helping each other and their community.