1. Welcome to the Suffolk Hope Awards

After a successful launch last year we are delighted to confirm that the Suffolk Hope Awards are returning for the academic year of 2021/2022, these awards are designed for us to celebrate the contribution young people make within our communities. Set up in partnership by Suffolk Constabulary and Suffolk County Council during Hate Crime Awareness Week we take forward the principles of this week as we look to;

  • We stand together to promote the positive engagements of our young people
  • We stand together to support our young people to make a difference and not to be a bystander
  • We stand together with our young people

ACC Rob Jones said: “Martin Luther King said “only in the darkness can you see the stars.”  In the last year, we have all had to get through some difficult times.  These awards are something to celebrate:  who has inspired you to reach for the stars?  I look forward to the nominations!”


The awards are open to all young persons between the age of 11yrs and 18yrs old and prizes will be awards in four main categories;

We feel these categories define the HOPE awards, these are designed to link in with work we carry out throughout the year in relation to Hate crime awareness and may help guide nominations.


DIVERSITY – The HOPE Awards were first launched during National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020. We are seeking nominations for individuals or groups who have: promoted diversity, taken a stand to prevent/stop discrimination, undertaken activity to help challenge negative mindset and affect positive change.  We strive to motivate change and educate, raising awareness of how as an inclusive community we can promote equality.


RESPECT AND KINDNESS – Kindness is often an underestimated attribute, we look to recognise actions (both large and small) which demonstrate compassion and an understanding of another’s struggles. In showing respect, we show a regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others.


TEAMWORK –Teamwork is a skill we carry forward from school to higher education, work and the rest of our lives. By working as a team, we acknowledge the benefits of sharing our ideas and experiences and finding a common approach to solve an issue. Standing together we can see the impact we have.


DETERMINATION – The HOPE awards look to tackle, highlight and discuss important topics, some not always easy to find the confidence to take on. We are looking to celebrate and recognise the determination and resilience of our young people and reward their positive attitude to finding solutions or helping each other and their community.

There will also be a ‘HOPE’ Award, this will be awarded to a school for their overall performance and participation in the awards.

The age categories are

  • KS3-school year 7, 8 & 9
  • KS4- school year 10 & 11
  • Sixth Form-year 12 & 13

When making your nominations please consider telling us about the following in as much detail as you can;

  • What the issue or challenge was?
  • What the nominee/group did to solve the issue or challenge?
  • What was the impact of these actions for the community or individual concerned?

We hope these awards help and remind us to recognise the significant work young people do within our community on an annual basis. We look forward to hearing about all the efforts that have made a difference over the last year. It has been a challenging period for us all and we can think of no better time for a moment of celebration. #SuffolkHope