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Roads, highways & accidents

The Road Policing Department is supported by the Motorcycle Unit and the Crash Investigation Unit.

These specialist resources perform a pivotal role in the maintenance of law and order, deterring crime and reducing death and injury on the roads.


    To report a pothole click here.

    Untaxed Vehicles

    The Department of Transport deals with untaxed vehicles and you can report one anonymously here.

    Road obstructions & debris in the road

    You can find out who to report a road obstruction, such as debris, here.

    Faulty traffic lights

    Faulty traffic lights depend on where you live and the type of road – you can find the appropriate authority here.


    When to contact the police

    You need to remain at the scene and contact the police via 999 following a road collision if:

    • Someone has been seriously injured.
    • The road or flow of traffic is blocked.
    • Property has been damaged and the owner is not aware and it may cause danger to other road users.
    • You suspect that the other party has acted unlawfully.


    When not to contact the police

    You do not need to contact the police if:

    • No-one has been seriously injured.
    • The road or flow of traffic is clear.
    • No property has been damaged.
    • There is no suspicion that the other party has acted unlawfully.
    • All parties concerned have exchanged details including vehicle registration number, driver's name and address, vehicle owner's name and address, and insurance details if an injury has been caused to someone other than yourself.

    Involved in a collision?

    If you are the driver of a vehicle and are involved in a road traffic collision that meets the criteria listed above, your legal requirements are:

    • Stop and remain at the scene for a reasonable time.
    • Give your name and address, vehicle registration number, and details of the owner (if different) to anyone with reasonable grounds for asking for these details.
    • If you do not exchange those at the scene you must report the accident in person, at a police station or to a police officer as soon as possible and within 24 hours in any case. You can call 101 for an officer to attend to you in person, if your injuries are of a serious nature that you can’t get to a police station. You must provide your driving licence and proof of insurance.