Reporting Corruption Form

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Report it form

We understand that people may not want to give their personal details when reporting serving police officers or police staff for criminal offences or inappropriate conduct. 

All details supplied will be handled in strictest confidence. However if you prefer to remain anonymous, please provide as much detailed information as possible to assist us in investigating your allegations. 

If you know or suspect that an officer or member of staff is doing something that does not seem right, please tell us. 

This could include an officer or member of police staff being involved in criminal activity, giving out police information, or using their status to establish or pursue a sexual or improper relationship. 

This behaviour affects us all. If we know about it we will tackle it.

Please note - we cannot handle crime reporting via this form. If you need to contact a police officer and your enquiry is non-urgent please call 101. We can only deal with corruption reports relating to this force. If your report is against another force or organisation, then you should contact them directly. 

You will be able to leave the below fields blank if you wish to remain anonymous. If you require an update or are willing to provide more details, then please fill out your contact details within the form. 

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I am reporting a matter that needs urgent police attention

Call 999 immediately if:

  • The crime is still in progress
  • Someone's injured, being threatened or in imminent danger
  • The offender is still at the scene.