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Report found property

Found something?  

Please answer the questions below to find out if you need to call us to tell us about it.

You need to contact the local police force where you found the property.

You should contact the owner of the premises to tell them about what you have found so they can check and/or take details.

We will accept:

  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • High value items
  • Laptops & cameras
  • Mobile phones

Please hand in to a police station, police officer/police community support officer or contact point so we can trace the owner or otherwise deal with them safely.

Do not attempt to handle dangerous items. Contact us via 101 or in an emergency 999.

You need to contact the bank that issued the card.

Contact details are normally on the back of the card.

You should contact the issuing authority e.g. Suffolk County Council.

Bank cards, identity cards, personal documentation (e.g. bank statements, benefits books)

Follow the instructions on the back of the bank card, identity card or other document.

Birth, marriage and death certificates

The General Register Office ask that you destroy the item to prevent fraudulent use.

British passports

Please cancel the passport by cutting off the top corner and returning to Passport Office. Their address can be found at If criminality is suspected, please hand in to a police station.

Foreign passports, driving licences and other identity documents

Return to the embassy of the issuing country.

UK Driving licences

If you have found a UK driving licence, please return to the DVLA.

For unidentifiable or low value property, such as empty handbags, bags, cases, wallets, purses, used clothing, soiled clothing, perishable goods, rubbish. Umbrellas, spectacles, etc.

You should:

  1. Make reasonable enquiries which could include asking people nearby, consider enquiries in nearby premises or leaving a note with your details.
  2. If still unidentified then there is nothing more the Police can do and you should dispose of the property.

As the property does not appear to fit into any of the above categories, please call us on 101, for further advice.