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Restorative justice

What is Restorative Justice (RJ?)

Victim Support has been commissioned by the Norfolk and Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioners to provide a safe, victim-focused, Restorative Justice Service.

  • Restorative Justice enables victims of crime to communicate with their offender, which could be through a face to face meeting or by writing letters.
  • This is voluntary and all cases are managed by a trained facilitator, who will be your single point of contact to support you through the process.
  • Restorative Justice focuses on you as the victim, putting your needs and concerns first - it gives you the chance to tell offenders the real impact of their crime and to ask questions.
  • Many victims that have been through the process found it a positive experience, reducing their fear and bringing a sense of closure.
  • Studies have shown that in cases which resulted in a Restorative Justice Meeting, 85% of victims were satisfied with the outcome.
  • Restorative Justice holds offenders to account for what they have done, helps them understand the real impact of the offence, and gives them an opportunity to make amends.
  • Restorative Justice has been shown to reduce re-offending by up to 27% in more serious cases.

Who is suitable for RJ?

If you have been a victim of crime you may express an interest in taking part. The Restorative Justice Service will review the suitability of your case and explore whether the offender agrees to participate. It can be offered for any type of crime at any time, even after a case has been dealt with at court.

Contact us

To find out more about Restorative Justice in Norfolk and Suffolk and how it may help you please contact the Restorative Justice Service by email  [email protected] or call Victim Support on 0300 303 0165.

You can also visit our webpage

Victim Testimonials

Hear from some of the victims who have benefitted from our Restorative Justice Service.

“I’m just relieved, it helped with everything really. It helped with my family, they could see I felt better.” - Victim of assault and criminal damage, Suffolk.

"I felt comfortable and not pressured. Talking really helped everything. As time went on I felt more able to talk about things and felt much better." - Victim of assault, Norfolk.

“It's a real help to know the person. She was just a name before, a press report and a sentence. Now she is real.” - Victim of burglary, Norfolk.

“I thought it a really useful mechanism for dealing with the situation so positively. I am sure the nature of the process will stick with him [the offender] for a very long time. It's positive, adds value to people’s lives and is real. The whole process was very professional.” - Victim of criminal damage, Suffolk.