Terrorism: Business advice

Local businesses can find useful advice and information from one of our Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSAs) or a Counter Terrorism Awareness Advisors.

CTSAs are specially-trained members of staff that are part of a network of around 190 advisors across the country co-ordinated by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO).

Their key national priorities are:

  • To provide counter terrorism advice on the protection of concentrations of people/crowded places.
  • To provide counter terrorism advice on the protection of hazardous sites and advice on securing dangerous substances.
  • To support the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) on the protection of Critical National Infrastructure.

NaCTSO and CTSAs have been given responsibility by the Home Office for dealing with protective security for ‘crowded places’. This could mean areas like shopping centres, sporting stadia, pubs and bars or transport hubs. Guidance booklets can be found on the NaCTSO website.

The core role of the CTSA is to:

  • identify and assess critical sites in their counties that might be vulnerable to terrorist or extremist attack
  • devise and develop appropriate protective security plans to minimise impact on that site and the surrounding community
  • promote awareness of the terrorist threat and develop positive ongoing relationships by appropriate discussion of changes in the prevailing terrorist threat and suitable responses
  • engage with other police departments as well as partner agencies to encourage a co-ordinated approach and build useful networks
  •  work closely with representatives of trade organisations and professional bodies to ensure counter terrorism protective security advice is incorporated in general crime prevention work

CTSAs also:

  • have regular access to current terrorism threat assessments and related intelligence as well as other classified material. This requires that they are all appropriately vetted – above and beyond the usual checks for police officers and staff.
  • receive comprehensive specialist training in areas such as explosives and pre-cursor chemicals, pathogens and toxins, radiological sources, site and vulnerable point surveying, business continuity and disaster recovery, information and personnel security, integrated security systems, designing out vehicle borne terrorism and the threat from CBRN (Chemical / Biological / Radiological / Nuclear) attack
  • are trained to deliver specialist presentations and workshops which aim to give businesses the ability to respond to a terrorist attack, recover from an attack and to identify suspicious behavior.

If your business could benefit from Counter Terrorism security advice or you are interested in a presentation or workshop, you can contact Suffolk Constabulary’s CTSAs and CTAAs by phone on 101 or email [email protected]