Motorcycles, Scooters and Mopeds

An unsecured motorcycle, scooter or moped is an easy target for thieves as they are relatively lightweight and can be wheeled away and lifted into a waiting vehicle. By taking the following advice you can reduce the chance of becoming a victim of motorcycle crime.


Locks will make it much more difficult for thieves to physically move the motorcycle, scooter or moped and will also put off opportunist thieves.

  • Use a motorcycle chain, disc lock or cable and lock. Thread the chain through your frame, as many vehicles are stolen for parts.
  • These should be secured to an immovable object (such as security loops or bars), which will provide a difficult barrier for the thieves to break through.
  • Pay for the best quality you can afford and wherever possible choose Police Approved ‘Sold Secure’ gold standard products.


1 in 5 stolen motorcycles don’t find their way home because their owners can’t be traced. Marking parts of your bike with your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), vehicle registration and postcode will help police officers trace and return your bike if it is stolen.

  • Marking individual parts also makes it more difficult to sell on, so mark as much of your bike as you can.
  • This is simple to do with forensic security marking kits such as SelectaDNA motorcycle kit. Choose Police ‘Secured  by Design’ approved forensic marking products.


An alarm system fitted by a technician will be a great addition to your security. It will not only put off thieves but could also reduce your insurance premiums.

  • Many riders will own a disk lock and chain as well as have an alarm. If possible, opt for chains and discs fitted with an integral alarm device which activates should a theft take place.
  • In addition, immobilisers will also deter and prevent easy removal of your bike. 
  • A tracking device will track the location of your bike if stolen. It should be fitted by professionally trained installers.


 If you have a garage, make sure you use it. Many thefts occur from the owner’s home because they get complacent and leave their bike outside overnight.

  • Make sure your garage is properly secure. If it’s easy to break into then you’ll be giving thieves shelter to work in.
  • If you can, fix a ground anchor in the garage and lock your bike to it but also remember to alarm it.

If you must leave your bike outside, take the following action:

  • Never leave your bike somewhere which is out of sight and easy to access. This will give thieves the shelter and time to disable any alarms or locks.
  • If you have to park your bike, make sure it’s in a well-let area where it can be seen, day and night.
  • Leave your vehicle somewhere busy where many people will pass by, such as in front of a shop or, better, near 24/7 monitored Town CCTV masts.
  • Park within ‘Park Mark’ police approved car parks which provide security protection.