The dangers of knife crime

The consequences of carrying a knife are being illustrated in an innovative film which will be shown to young people across the county as part of Suffolk Police’s Bin a Blade campaign.

The film, produced by LBV TV, begins as a video game where two characters are arguing in the street. A third person intervenes, but one of the characters pulls a knife out and it’s no longer a game, it’s real life.

Police officers arrive on the scene and call an ambulance, before arresting the knife-carrying teenager who is put into a custody cell.

The film will be used in a variety of locations across Suffolk and can be viewed online. Chief Constable Simon Ash said, "The film at first looks like a trailer for the latest game, but as soon as the knife comes out it’s clear that this isn’t just an animation. The real-life footage takes over, and you’re left with one injured young man and another who has caused that injury and will be prosecuted.

"I hope that this really hits home with the young people who will be seeing the film as part of educational inputs at schools. We will also be looking to place the film on community TV around the county to bring the message to a wider audience, that carrying a knife is unacceptable."

The film also features an interview with teenage anti-knife campaigner Holly Watson. Holly speaks about how the death of her brother Lewis, who was stabbed in Sudbury two years ago, affected her life, and her heartfelt messages to other young people who might be considering carrying a knife.

Holly said, "It was difficult to speak about my experiences, but I wanted to show others just how devastating it can be when someone carries a knife – for you, for your friends and family, and for the rest of the community.

"I will be taking my message into schools, along with an interactive virtual "wall" where young people can sign a brick on the wall to pledge not to carry a knife. Those who pledge will also receive a wristband to demonstrate their commitment. It’s not cool to carry a knife – but it is cool to wear a wristband and join with your friends to pledge."

6125 knives were handed in during Suffolk’s initial, year-long Bin a Blade amnesty. Permanent knife bins remain situated outside Ipswich, Mildenhall, Lowestoft and Bury St Edmunds Police Stations.