Advice for young people

If you’re feeling pressured to join a gang or carry out tasks for gang members, it’s important you stay strong. Joining a gang could ruin your future – and you could even end up losing your life.

To help avoid getting caught up in gang culture, avoid associating with gang members or ‘wannabe’ gang members, and don’t hang out where you know they’re likely to be.

Steer clear of parties or social events which you know are organised by gang members and their associates.

Talk to a trusted adult -  parents, teachers about your concerns. Other organisations can offer further help.

Don’t be tempted to accept gifts, money, or items such as food and alcohol from people who you know to be gang members or gang associates. They could be grooming you to join in with their activities.

If you’re asked to carry out a job for someone who you think is in a gang, say no. It might seem harmless and like easy money, but things could soon spiral out of control.

Advice is available to help you say no.

If you want to give information about gang crime, you can do so completely anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or giving information online.

You will be kept completely anonymous and your details will not be passed to police.