6. Our Services and Resources


Our Services and Resources

Did you know we offer a free range of cyber security services to individuals & organisations across Norfolk and Suffolk?

For more information or to arrange an appointment with us, please email us at [email protected] 

  • Cyber Basics Review – Free assessment of your organisation’s IT Infrastructure, in line with the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials programme.
  • Online and In-Person workshops & presentations for all levels and audiences, from Education to Cyber Security Professionals. Example themes include:
    • Keeping yourself and your organisation safe from cybercrime
    • Staff Cyber Awareness Training
    • Digital Footprint
    • Incident Response Simulation
    • Network Security Architecture for Remote Working
  • Lego Decisions and Disruptions game delivery
  • Act as sponsor for the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP)
  • Offer general advice for everyone about cybercrime
  • Raise awareness and sign point to trusted, available resources


Feedback from Lego Decisions and Disruptions

“This was an amazing event and was very informative, I would definitely recommend this exercise to people who are technically minded but also for people not technically minded, it was a great way of demonstrating to both types of people.” 

“It was absolutely brilliant! Everyone who attended really enjoyed it, the discussions that arose were brilliant and the evening was super enjoyable.”

Businesses – Cyber Basics Review

“Our Cyber Security adviser was very understanding of my lack of knowledge and the discussions he had with our two IT representatives brought out some interesting facts. “

“The advisor was very helpful and explained the points we needed to improve clearly. Thank you for your time, we have already made some security enhancements which he suggested.”

Staff Training

“The presentation to all staff was brilliant and I think we have finally been able to get the message to staff that they need to be more careful online and now know that signs to look for.”

“It was really interesting and very useful. I loved the set up and the way we were asked to get involved but it was all confidential.”

“The presentation was clear, easy to follow, loved that the staff could participate.  The information was very relevant and I shall be passing on to some of my family who are more vulnerable."

“An advisor delivered two remote cyber security awareness training sessions for us. The information and content provided was relevant and useful plus it was all explained in terms everyone can understand. The session has helped to make our staff more aware of ways to better protect not only work accounts but also personal accounts and devices and what to look out for. There were interactive elements throughout the session which helped to keep everyone engaged and was really good to see the results live on screen. We have received really positive feedback from our staff”


“The advisor’s delivery was professional, interactive and engaging and I would highly recommend it to schools in the Suffolk and Norfolk area.  We have been lucky to be able to take advantage of the advisor’s work with students too and he has delivered assemblies and workshops to our teenagers which have been incredibly well received.  The advisor delivers the complexities of cybercrime and cyber security in a way that is clear and practical to adults and students - his input and expertise have been critical in how we understand cybercrime and cyber security in our school."  


The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre


The Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre is part of a national network of centres, established by the Home Office to help businesses, charities and public sector organisations tackle the rising threat of cyber-attack. 

The Centre is a not-for profit limited company that is staffed by police and funded through a mixture of private and public money.  Sitting alongside the existing Police Cyber Protect Network its key objectives are raising awareness of cyber risks and providing affordable services to its members to help them recognise their own vulnerabilities and improve their cyber resilience. 

Working alongside partners in the private cyber sector, academia and the police, the centre is uniquely placed in its ability to reach out to regional businesses and help them to become more secure in the online space. 

For more information please visit our website www.ecrcentre.co.uk or contact one of the team:-

Centre Director - T/Detective Superintendent Paul Lopez – [email protected] 

Head of Cyber and Innovation – DI Fiona Bail – [email protected] 

Business Development Manager – Mel Lennon – [email protected]

Core membership sign up -  https://www.ecrcentre.co.uk/core-membership-sign-up