Police and Crime Commissioner

Tim Passmore

The functions Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) must carry out by law are governed by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (2011), the Police Act (1996 and 2011 amendment) and other legislation.

Suffolk re-elected Tim Passmore as its PCC on 5 May 2016 and his responsibilities include:

  • Setting objectives for tackling crime and disorder in Suffolk through a Police and Crime Plan
  • Ensuring Suffolk has an efficient and effective police force. Your PCC hires (and, if necessary, fires) the Chief Constable and holds him/her to account for running the force. Your PCC also sets Suffolk’s policing priorities and monitors performance against those priorities
  • Setting the budget for policing the county and determining how much you contribute through your Council Tax. Your PCC also scrutinises how the police use their budget to meet Suffolk’s policing priorities
  • Bringing together Suffolk’s community safety and criminal justice partners to make sure local priorities are joined up
  • Making  Crime and Disorder Reduction grants to support delivery of his Police and Crime Plan
  • Commissioning support services for victims and witnesses of crime
  • Getting communities involved in keeping Suffolk safe and being the voice of the people when it comes to policing and criminal justice in Suffolk.

Contact details

Postal address:
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk
Suffolk Constabulary
Police Headquarters
Martlesham Heath

01473 782773

[email protected]