Equality & diversity

Here in Suffolk, we are proud to have such a rich cultural landscape and we work hard to give a quality service to all members of our diverse community. We aim to improve how we serve our community and build confidence and trust through cultural competency and respecting and celebrating the differences in those we serve.

The Equality Act 2010 is a law that protects people with protected characteristics from issues such as direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, victimisation and harassment.

The act applies to discrimination based on 9 characteristics:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Gender reassignment
  • Disability
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity

We uphold this law both in the community but also via our internal policies of providing equal opportunities in employment and career progression.

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Hate Crime and Hate Incidents
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Hate crime is any offence committed against a person or property which is motivated by the offender's hatred of people because they are seen as being different. You don't have to be from a minority community to be a victim of hate crime.

A Hate incident is defined as:
"Any incident, which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate."

What can I Report?

Any incident where you or anyone else has been targeted because they or you are believed to be different:

  • race and ethnicity
  • religion and belief
  • sexual orientation
  • transgender identity 
  • disability 

Hate reporting is based on perception. You can report if someone has been hateful towards you because they perceive you to have one of the above characteristics irrespective of whether you consider yourself to have that characteristic. You can also report as a witness.

Hate crime hurts, it can be confusing and frightening. By reporting it, you may be able to prevent these crimes from happening to someone else. Reporting makes a difference... to you, your friends, your life.

For more information about hate crime and why you should report it, please visit - http://www.report-it.org.uk

For more information about helping you cope with the effects of crime, please visit - www.victimsupport.org.uk

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Gender Inequality
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Tackling gender inequality is an important part of our inclusive strategy. We have adopted the HeForShe initiative and report figures regarding our Gender Pay Gap in line with the Equality Act 2010.

Our staff support network, Suffolk Association for Women in Policing (SAWP), supports women in the organisation with a variety of topics such as development, networking and raising the profile of women’s issues. SAWP also runs events for people of all genders regarding gender inequality.

Our Violence Against Women and Girls strategy (VAWG) seeks to effectively tackle misogyny in all its forms both in the community as well as internally.

To find out more about our Gender Pay Gap Reporting and Equality Impact Assessments please visit,


And to download our Facility Time Report click here.



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Positive Action
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Suffolk Police are focused on attracting, recruiting, and retaining talented people. We value equality, diversity and inclusivity and welcome applications to join our force from across our different communities.

In line with the Equality Act 2010, Positive Action is a range of measures and initiatives that aim to eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote equality of opportunity and that we treat all applications fairly and in accordance with current legislation.  It is lawful action to encourage those from under-represented groups to bring their expertise, experience, and talent to our organisation. When applying, our selection processes for roles are no different. We do not seek to remove competition, rather allow everyone the same level of opportunity, with the final selection always made on the merit of the applicant. 

This is important for the Suffolk Constabulary because we want our service to be representative of the community it serves and for everyone to see themselves represented in their force. Diversity of thought is also of importance to us with regard to effective decision making.

Positive action is different from Positive Discrimination. Positive discrimination is the practice of giving a person preferential treatment due to a protected characteristic rather than job suitability and is illegal in the UK.

Suffolk Police use Positive Action to support individuals who, as a result of their protected characteristic/s, suffer a disadvantage or have a need that through support can be reduced or overcome. Positive action is entirely voluntary. There is no requirement for an employer to use either the general provisions or those relating to recruitment and promotion.

To find out more about our Positive Action please contact our Positive Action Recruitment Advisor Daniella Lord [email protected] or if you would like to access services and events, please visit,



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Staff Support Networks
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We have a range of staff support networks in the Suffolk Constabulary that work to promote equality of opportunities, support and connect diverse members of the force and can inform on issues and events affecting the wider community. Staff also have access to national police support networks.

Our local support networks are:

  • Association of Muslim Policing
  • Christian Policing Association
  • Disability and Carers Network
  • Federation Suffolk
  • Jewish Police Association
  • LGBT+ Norfolk & Suffolk
  • Police Pagan Association
  • Suffolk Association of Women in Policing
  • Suffolk Ethnic Police Association

Staff also have access to:

  • Force Chaplains Suffolk
  • TRiM (Trauma Risk Support)
  • Unison (Union)
  • Wellbeing services

For details of National support networks, please visit