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Chief Constable Rachel Kearton
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Rachel Kearton was appointed as Suffolk’s first female Chief Constable on December 2, 2022.

CC Kearton said: “I am honoured to be Suffolk’s Chief Constable. 

“As the county’s first female chief constable, it is an important milestone in our history and reflects the changing nature of our organisation.

“Society has seen many changes over the last few years. I appreciate this has led to some great challenges for our communities.

“It has also been a testing time for those in the policing family who work selflessly and tirelessly to ensure our county is a safe place to live, work and invest. 

“I know Suffolk Constabulary will rise to whatever challenge it faces, as it always has done, and will continue to build on the force’s excellent performance over the years.

“My Chief Officer Team and I are committed to relentlessly pursuing high standards and to serving to all communities, fairly and equitably.

“I believe the quality of officers, staff and volunteers in Suffolk is very high and I am proud to lead such an exceptionally dedicated and committed workforce.”

CC Kearton’s family has a rich tradition of public service in Suffolk.

Her parents were primary school teachers in Ipswich, while her great-grandfather was beat officer in Wrentham. Two great-uncles also became police officers.

A great-aunt was one of the first female firefighters in Suffolk, while another great-uncle was a teenage victim of the Second World War and is commemorated on a plaque on the wall of Bildeston church.

CC Kearton joined Hampshire Police in 1989. She has also served with West Yorkshire Police and Northumbria Police.

During a varied career there have also been secondments to His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Service, and the Home Office. 

CC Kearton joined Suffolk Constabulary as Assistant Chief Constable in 2015 after a career break working for the British Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. She was promoted to Deputy Chief Constable four years later.

CC Kearton is currently the national lead for Workforce Representation and Diversity.

She was previously the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Alcohol Harm and Vulnerability, and for Acid and Corrosive Substance Attacks.

Email: [email protected] - Senior Executive Assistant

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Deputy Chief Constable Rob Jones
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Rob joined Suffolk Police in 2020 after 24 years with the Metropolitan Police Service, where he worked in a variety of roles, including operational command in Newham, Lewisham and Central London.  He is an experienced Public Order Commander and has experience in transformational change.

Rob has responsibility for local policing. This includes the Neighbourhood Response teams, Safer Neighbourhood Teams, Criminal Investigation and Safeguarding teams and the Contact and Control Room.  He also leads on Operation Evolve, which will take forward the organisational learning from the Covid-19 response, and is also the regional lead for Citizens in Policing.

Rob lives in Colchester with his family and outside work he enjoys working on an allotment, reading and running (often with his Border Terrier, Phoebe).  He is a West Ham season ticket holder.

Email: [email protected] – Executive Assistant

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Assistant Chief Officer - Kenneth Kilpatrick
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Kenneth joined Suffolk Constabulary in April 2019 having previously worked at the Civil Nuclear Constabulary for 11 years in a number of roles, most recently as their Business Director.

Prior to the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Kenneth worked for the National Audit Office in London working with a range of clients including the Department of Health, HMRC and the Scottish Prison Service.

During Kenneth’s time at the National Audit Office, he was fortunate to be posted to its international audit team in Geneva and he spent a couple of years working with UN organisations in Africa, Asia and Central and South America.

Email:  [email protected] – Executive Assistant

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Temporary Assistant Chief Constable - Eamonn Bridger
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Eamonn Bridger has been a police officer with the Suffolk Constabulary for over 20 years. He has been a detective for more than 17 years and has worked across a variety of roles including Investigations, Intelligence, Counter Terrorism, Major Crime and Safeguarding.

In July 2018, Eamonn was promoted to Chief Superintendent becoming the Head of Crime, Safeguarding and Incident Management Command, leading investigations of serious complex crimes, safeguarding the most vulnerable, reducing crime and incident demand through early intervention and effective management of internal and partnership workflows. He is an accredited PIP3/ PIP4 Senior Investigating Officer, a Gold Public Order Commander and a Strategic Firearms Commander.

In June 2021, Eamonn was promoted to the rank of Temporary Assistant Chief Constable and is the collaborative lead for Protective Services and Joint Justice Services for Norfolk and Suffolk. This involves overseeing the delivery of Specialist Crime and Intelligence, Major Investigations, Forensic Services, Specialist Operations along with Custody, Criminal Investigation Unit and Criminal Justice. In addition he is the ESMCP lead across both forces and is an active member of the national Homicide Working Group and the chair of the National Child Death Investigation Group.

Email:  [email protected] – Executive Assistant

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Temporary Assistant Chief Constable - Julie Dean
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T/Assistant Chief Constable Julie Dean has been a police officer with Norfolk Constabulary since 1997. She has worked across a variety of roles including frontline uniformed policing, Investigations, Custody Investigation and Safeguarding.

As a Detective Chief Superintendent, Julie was the Head of the Joint Justice Services Command. This is a collaborated command with Suffolk Constabulary and includes the Custody, Custody Investigation and Criminal Justice teams. Julie also held organisational responsibility for the thematic areas of file quality, disclosure, victims and managing offenders and also led a number of strategic projects for the two organisations.

In August 2022, Julie was promoted to the rank of Temporary Assistant Chief Constable as the collaborative lead for Protective Services and Joint Justice Services for Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies. This role involves oversight of the delivery of Specialist Crime and Intelligence, Major Investigation, Forensic Services, Specialist Operations along with Custody, the Custody Investigation Unit and Criminal Justice. In addition, Julie is chair of The Forum, the force inclusivity network with a specific focus on gender and is active as a coach and mentor within force.

Email: [email protected]  – Personal Assistant


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County Policing Commander - Chief Superintendent Marina Ericson
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County Policing Commander

The County Policing Command provides the local policing service to the county and includes:

  • emergency response
  • safer neighbourhood teams
  • community safety

Email:  [email protected] 

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Head of Joint Justice Services - Temporary Chief Superintendent Alice Scott
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Head of Joint Protective Services - Detective Chief Superintendent David Cutler
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David joined the Metropolitan Police in 1994 serving in a number of central and south London boroughs in both uniform and detective duties as well as Staff Officer to the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Crime . David transferred to Suffolk as a Detective Inspector in 2005 and was posted to Ipswich. He was promoted to Chief Inspector in 2006 working in both Intelligence and Major Investigations. On promotion to Superintendent David led the Protecting Vulnerable People Directorate before taking on the role of Head of Corporate Change. Following an extended period as Temporary Assistant Chief Constable he took up the role of Head of Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Protective Services Command in September 2020, a role that includes Major Investigation, Serious and Organised Crime, Intelligence, Forensic Services and Specialist Operations. 

Email: [email protected]

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Head of Safeguarding and Investigations - Temporary Detective Chief Superintendent Kerry Cutler
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Head of Crime, Safeguarding and Incident Management Command. 

Superintendent Kerry Cutler took up this role in May 2023.  Kerry joined the Metropolitan Police in 1994 serving in a number of central and south London boroughs in both uniform and detective duties as well as Staff Officer to the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Territorial Policing. Kerry transferred to Suffolk as a Detective Inspector in 2005 and was posted to the Victim Care Centre in Lowestoft. She was promoted to Chief Inspector in 2009 working in a number of roles including  Intelligence and Custody Investigation Units. On promotion to Superintendent Kerry led the Southern Area for six years. She took up the role of Superintendent within CSIM in 2021

Email: [email protected]

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Director of People - Helen Molloy
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The Joint People Directorate consists of:

HR Delivery

HR Strategy & Planning

Learning and Development

People Services

Workplace Health, Safety & Wellbeing

To contact the leads of the above departments – please see emails below.

Head of HR Delivery – [email protected]

Head of HR Strategy & Planning – [email protected]

Head of Learning & Development – [email protected]

Head of People Services – [email protected]

T/Head of Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing – [email protected]

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Joint Head of Transport Services - Mark Davy
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Mark Davy 
Joint Head of Transport Services

The Transport Services Department consists of:

  • management and administrative section
  • vehicle and engineering workshops
  • vehicle commissioning centre
  • driver resources section.

The role of the Joint Transport Services Department is to provide an efficient and effective vehicle and transport service to Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies and Police and Crime Commissioners, meeting the operational policing needs under value-for-money principles within the resources available. It also makes sure services are consistent with Government, The Police and Crime Commissioner’s and Chief Constable’s policies, and UK/EU legislation.

As Head of Department, Mark Davy is responsible for:

  • Assisting the Police and Crime Commissioners and Constabularies in delivering the best service possible for the communities of Norfolk and Suffolk.
  • Providing the most cost effective service, optimising value for money for the tax-payer.
  • Minimising carbon foot-print, reducing journey numbers and length whilst considering alternative travel methods.
  • Maximising operational performance and public reassurance through the provision of a fit for purpose vehicle fleet.
  • Ensuring robust corporate governance and risk management.
  • Ensuring a high standard of health and safety.
  • Projecting a strong corporate image.
  • Realising partnership opportunities as appropriate.
  • Utilising emerging technology as appropriate.

Email: [email protected]

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Head of Joint Professional Standards - Detective Superintendent Tracey Little
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Head of Joint Professional Standards

The Joint Professional Standards Department consists of:

  • Serious Cases Unit
  • Complaints Management Unit
  • Appeals and Policy Unit
  • Vetting Unit
  • Anti-Corruption Unit

The department provides a service to the public, The Police and Crime Commissioners and Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies by:

  • managing investigations into complaints made by the public about the police
  • investigating internal misconduct allegations
  •  reducing the risk of corruption and preserving the integrity of the organisations.

As head of department, Tracey is responsible for:

  • Delivering the strategic direction and delivery of the strategic aims of PSD, to provide a service to the public, OPCC’s and to Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies.
  • Ensuring all public complaints are assessed, recorded and investigations are managed in line with the Police Reform Act, referred to the IOPC where necessary, allocated appropriately for investigation and complainants kept up to date as per statutory requirement.
  • Overseeing the investigation of the most serious, sensitive and complex public complaints and all conduct matters relating to Norfolk and Suffolk officers and staff.
  • Ensuring the preservation of the actual and perceived integrity of the organisation, through the central authorisation of business interests, the monitoring of gifts and hospitalities and the vetting of new recruits, volunteers, partners and re-vetting and enhanced vetting of existing officers and staff.
  • Ensuring the reduction of the risk of corruption within Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies through proactive intelligence gathering, effective investigation and targeted preventative work.
  • Being the appeal body for appeals in respect of relevant public complaints and provide effective liaison between the Constabularies and the IOPC.

Email: [email protected]

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Head of ​​​​​​​Corporate Communications - Colin Adwent
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Colin Adwent
Head of Corporate Communications

Colin is responsible for internal and external communications at Suffolk Constabulary.

Before joining the constabulary in September 2017 Colin spent the majority of his career working in the local media.

After working in advertising for 17 years, Colin retrained to become a journalist.

During his 21 years in journalism he gained extensive experience in a number of roles. These included crime reporter, news editor, assistant editor and head of sport.

In addition to working in the media, Colin also has experience in crisis management training.

Email: [email protected]


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(Acting) Head of Joint Estates Department - Duncan Potter
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Duncan Potter 
Head of Joint Estates & Facilities.

  The Joint Estates & Facilities  Department consists of:

  • Estates Services – to provide building maintenance, project work and estate management functions.
  • Facilities Services – to provide premises soft services including caretaking, grounds, cleaning and catering functions.
  • PFI Contract Management Services – to provide effective monitoring and compliance of our PFI contract functions.
  • Print Services - to provide a full range of professional print services.

  As Head of Department, Duncan Potter is responsible for:

  • Policy and procedures relating to the management of the estate.
  • Keeping our premises safe.
  • The delivery of estate strategy projects and other estates related capital programme works.
  • The delivery of our environmental strategy to reduce our energy consumption, energy costs and carbon footprint.
  • The provision of 24/7 building maintenance and related soft services to our premises.
  • The effective management of estate contractors and professional services consultants.
  • The provision of an efficient print service.

Email: [email protected]

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Director of Joint ICT Department - Stephen Kearney
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The Joint ICT Department consists of three functional areas:

  • ICT Operations
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • ICT Programme and Planning

The department’s main purpose is to support and underpin operational policing by ensuring that all ICT services and equipment supports operational delivery across all areas of policing and the back office.

The Director of department, Stephen Kearney is responsible for:

  • Accountable for the continued development of the 5yr ICT Strategy ensuring that the ICT Strategy remains aligned to the two organisational Strategies by providing leadership, direction and management of the strategic planning activities to ensure current technologies are fit for purpose and future technologies are explored and implemented to increase efficiency, productivity and drive down cost.
  • Accountable for the delivery of all ICT services across the two counties to published service level agreements, maintaining operational effectiveness of the 120+ sites/6000 users and the two mission critical control rooms.
  • Accountable for the overall provision of the ICT network and data centres ensuring disaster recovery/business continuity plans are in place to meet the needs of the organisations and the civil contingency act.
  • Contribute as a member of the Joint Chief Officers Team providing professional advice and guidance on all ICT and technical matters, to ensure these considerations are an integral part of the decision and policy making process, and the Chief Officer Group is best informed to meet statutory obligations, strategic ambitions and delivery of quality services that meet the needs and aspirations of the two organisations.
  • To lead, motivate, performance manage, train, develop and harness the skills and expertise of a team of c120 ICT staff across multiple sites, in order to effectively support the delivery of quality, cost effective, operational support services and the delivery of organisational strategic priorities.
  • Maintain services in line with ITIL best practice, ensuring technology alignment to Home Office, Police ICT Company, National Policing and Regional policing standards and technologies.
  • Accountable for the effective development, management, prioritisation and delivery of the ICT Programme, which includes Estates, Tech Refresh and the Corporate Change projects as well as the introduction of new technologies.
  • Lead the continuous improvement, innovation and development of ICT service delivery, through initiatives and review of departmental performance, ICT policy and practices/processes, to drive the achievement of quality, good practice and effective customer focused outcomes, which meet legislative and statutory requirements whilst providing value for money.
  • Accountable for the allocated budgets and resources with ICT and the change programme to ensure they are effectively managed, controlled and deployed to meet the needs of the department to meet organisational aims and objectives.
  • Accountable for the asset lifecycle for ICT goods and services ensuring technical refresh life cycles are appropriate and detailed in the rolling 5 year technical refresh programme which should reflect industry best practice and value for money.
  • Provide high level advice and guidance on ICT procurement in the complex areas ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation, directives, national policies and standards and best practice.
  • Coordinate and facilitate consultation with stakeholders to define business and system requirements for new technology implementations.
  • Develop and maintain partnership relationships with other blue light agencies and the wider public sector, promoting the sharing of information and best practice to ensure the constabularies benefit from national and local improvement initiatives to drive efficient and effective policing in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Email: [email protected]

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Head of Strategic Business and Operational Service - Hugh Zabel
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Hugh Zabel


The purpose of SBOS is to provide objective, evidence based products, services, processes and insight that inform and add value to the organisations' understanding, direction setting and decision making.

Hugh has responsibility for SBOS which consists of two main functions: The Portfolio Management Office, and Analytics & Insight.

Analytics & Insight consists of:

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Operational Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Data Insight
  • Crime Registry and Audit Teams

Analytics & Insight produces objective and ethical products that aid strategic and operational decision making and support the Constabularies in embedding the principles of Evidence Based Policing.

The Portfolio Management Office consists of:

  • Organisational Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • The Programme Management Office
  • Corporate Governance
  • Projects and Improvement (incl. the Joint Operational Improvement Team)

The Portfolio Management office has a diverse range of responsibilities, ranging from the effective planning, management and delivery of a range of projects relating to business change, business applications and digital delivery, through to corporate governance functions such as coordination of Section 22A Collaboration Agreements, corporate risk management and policy & assurance.  They also deliver a range of organisational analytical services such as benefits tracking, the Force Management Statement and Evidence Based Policing.

The principle purpose of Hugh’s role is to lead the Strategic, Business and Operational Services Department to deliver a comprehensive strategic, business and operational support function to Suffolk and Norfolk Constabularies across a range of areas including analysis, research, evidence based policing, strategic planning, portfolio and programme management, continuous improvement, audit and risk.  The role also has the responsibility of providing corporate governance services to ensure the Constabularies have the right governance structures in place to meet their legislative and statutory requirements.

As head of department, Hugh Zabel is responsible for:

  • Leading, motivating and developing a department of around 100 SBOS staff across multiple sites
  • The development and delivery of the department’s functions and products
  • Setting the strategic direction in accordance with the requirements of the Constabularies and Office of Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Providing leadership, direction and management of the strategic planning activities for the department
  • Leading on the service and financial planning annual Outcome Based Budgeting process
  • The delivery of all SBOS services across the two counties of Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Contributing to the corporate governance structures, such as the Joint Chief Officers Team meeting, Strategic Planning & Monitoring and Organisational Board.  Providing professional advice and guidance on all corporate change or analytical services.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with other public sector bodies within our geographic footprint, promoting the sharing of information and best practice

Email: [email protected]


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7F Strategic Head of Procurement - David Levy
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David Levy commenced as the 7F Head of Strategic Procurement in August 2019.

David oversees the newly collaborated 7F Procurement team which serves the seven police forces namely; Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk

Email: [email protected]