Strategic, Business and Operational Services

The joint Strategic, Business and Operational services (SBOS) department has evolved following the formal collaboration of the previous Corporate Development and Change and the Joint Performance and Analysis departments.

SBOS provides a suite of services designed to support the organisations in the delivery of policing across all business areas and in line with local, regional and national priorities and objectives. Bringing together skills across analysis and research, programme and project management, data insight, evidence based policing and broader governance and change management, the department delivers products and services that provide insight, direction and add value to service delivery. This is done by:

  • Providing evidence, research and analysis to aid the understanding and assessment of threat, harm and risk.
  • Provides research and analysis across the intelligence and performance spectrums thereby supporting investigative, operational, strategic and evidential decision making.
  • Ensuring policy and risks are identified and managed.
  • Strategically leading on Evidence Based Policing - gathering and developing what works to help ensure decisions are made on the best available evidence – allowing for opportunities to improve and innovate to be identified.
  • Enabling and providing support for transformation and change.
  • Ensuring the constabularies are compliant with statutory and legislative data requirements.

The department consists of the following units and teams:

Programme Management Office – consists of a team who are responsible for developing and tracking the delivery of an informed programme of change linked to business plans, priorities and risks; ensuring effective benefits plans are in place and monitored; policy review and coordination; risk management; and corporate governance.

Strategic Services – consists of a Projects & improvement Team, Strategic Analysis Team, and Data Insight Team - undertakes strategic analysis, prioritisation and decision support through an evidence based approach and provides a first class business analysis, data insight and project management capability

Operational Services – consists of a Performance Team, Operational Research & Analysis Team, and Crime Registry & Audit Team – is the critical link between data and operational activity; delivering robust and dynamic intelligence and performance analysis and research focusing on threat, harm and risk, whilst driving and maintaining integrity and accountability.