Protective Services

Protective Services Command protects the public through rigorous, innovative and ethical management and investigation of threat and harm, whilst providing specialist support to local policing.

The command is divided into five different areas of responsibility:

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Intelligence Directorate
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The Intelligence Directorate seeks to:

  • gather, assess and develop information from a range of sources to meet a variety of police needs
  • identify, understand and reduce threat and harm by providing high quality intelligence products, informing decision making.

The National Decision Model is founded upon the information and intelligence picture.

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Specialist Operations
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The Joint Specialist Operations department supports frontline policing and the policing of major and critical incidents through the provision of specialist support including:

  • Roads Policing and Firearms Support
  • Firearms Licensing and Training
  • Events
  • Contingency and business continuity planning
  • Dogs Section
  • Public Order
  • Specialist Search
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Capability.

For more information please see our Specialist Operations page

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Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Major Investigation Team
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The Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Major Investigation Team is responsible for investigating some of the most serious crimes, including:

  • homicide (murder and manslaughter)
  • rape investigations where the offender is unknown
  • kidnap
  • extortion
  • work-related deaths
  • other investigations of a sensitive nature.

The team is based in two locations, one at Norfolk Police headquarters in Wymondham, and the other at Suffolk Police headquarters in Martlesham, Ipswich.

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Forensic Services
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Forensic Services provides a highly effective forensic service consisting of a number of departments including:

  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Fingerprint Bureau
  • Fingerprint Development Laboratory
  • Photographic and Imaging
  • Forensic Support.

These departments, based principally at Wymondham, Norfolk work closely together to provide a timely response to forensic requests in the investigation of volume and major crime.

For more information, please visit our Forensic Services page.

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Cyber & Serious Crime Directorate
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The Cyber & Serious Crime Directorate provides an effective response to the threat risk and harm posed by cyber and organised crime. Engaging with regional and national partners, the highly specialised teams cover a wide range of investigations including drug supply, complex enquiries into organised criminal groups, and cybercrime.

The units proactively:

  • Pursue those individuals who engage in cyber and serious crime and seek criminal justice outcomes
  • Prevent those individuals from becoming and remaining in cyber and serious crime.
  • Protect the public from becoming victims of cyber and serious crime.
  • Prepare for the consequences of cyber and serious crime.