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Procurement and supplies

A joint procurement and supplies unit operates for both Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies. All day to day contract management and issue of tenders over £50,000 in value are managed by the Joint Procurement Unit.

The department comprises of:
- A joint head of Procurement
- Commercial and Supplies team for Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies
- A print unit in Suffolk
- Uniform stores in Martlesham and Wymondham

Our main aims as a department are:

  • Achieving excellent value for money and working with as many local suppliers as possible.
  • Co-ordinating a joint procurement policy and to provide assistance and advice to all departments in relation to the external supply of goods and services.
  • Adhering to contract standing orders, EU Directives and Public Contract Regulations 2015.
  • Undertaking activities identified as areas of responsibility within Contract Standing Orders.
  • Reviewing and promoting the full use of National, Regional and 'Local' agreements to secure improved value for money.
  • Overseeing contract monitoring for strategic contracts.
  • Measuring the outcomes resulting from the implementation and deadlines identified in the Financial Services Development Plan.
  • Maintaining and updating the joint Norfolk, Suffolk Contracts Register.

Supplier/Contractor information:

Our purchasing philosophy is to purchase jointly with Norfolk/Suffolk Constabulary, whilst taking into account issues such as:

  • quality
  • delivery
  • price competitiveness
  • service levels
  • environmental policies
  • terms and conditions
  • the supplier's approach towards diversity and equality

Within the EU Directives and Public Contracts legislation that we have to adhere to, we constantly try to identify and encourage new local sources of supply to help us in our aims.

We are keen to work with local suppliers and we try to make access to us as easy as possible for small and medium sized businesses. Rather than being a one-way street, the aim is for a true partnership with benefits to both parties.

In any prospective Supplier/Contractor we are looking to fulfil three main aims:

  1. That the supplier is financially sound
  2. That the supplier is technically able to deliver the goods and service we require
  3. That the supplier shares the same values as ourselves in terms of diversity, the environment, and corporate responsibility.

Tendering Opportunities

All current and future quotation and tendering opportunities are advertised via one of two websites:

- Bluelight Emergency Services eSourcing is used by other police forces and emergency service providers throughout the UK.

- Contracts Finder is used by all other public sector bodies such as District and County Councils.

Supplier registration for both these sites is free of charge.

All existing contract information can be found within the Supplier FOI section of

Contact Information:

Should you be interested in supplying goods or services to us, please contact us.

[email protected] 

Joint Procurement Dept
Suffolk Constabulary
Police HQ
Portal Avenue
Martlesham Heath

Tel: 01473 613698