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Joint Performance and Analysis Department

The department produces objective and ethical products that aid strategic and tactical organisational and operational decision making and support the Constabularies in embedding the principles of Evidence Based Policing.

The Joint Performance and Analysis Department consists of the following teams:

Strategic Analysis
The Strategic Analysis Team works with a range of internal and external stakeholders in the production of a suite of Strategic Profiles, and the Strategic Assessment, which give an analysis of threat, risk and harm across all areas of demand for Norfolk and Suffolk Police. This analysis is based on the richest possible datasets, with recommendations made based on the best possible evidence. The team is also responsible for designing new performance frameworks, and producing strategic performance reports.

Tactical Analysis
The Tactical Analysis Team works with departments across Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies including the Force Executives, County Policing Commands, Safeguarding and Investigations/Protecting Vulnerable Peoples and Protective Services Commands. The team of analysts provide analytical and performance products to support the Constabularies; internally, operationally, for day-to-day policing and evidentially.

Research and Information
The principle purpose of the R&I Team is to conduct research through the gathering and evaluating of information from a variety of sources. The use of this research is primarily to aid analysis but in addition is used to produce products to support the Constabularies and partners in their tactical and strategic decision making or to ensure the Constabularies meet their statutory and legislative data requirements (e.g. Freedom of Information requests; Annual Data Returns etc.)

Improvement and Evaluation
The Improvement and Evaluation Team is responsible for producing and embedding the best possible evidence and improvement projects, using the most robust, objective and ethical methodologies, as well as providing first class support to HMIC’s requirements in Suffolk, and ensuring effective consultation both internally and externally to support and inform policing activity.

The Crime Registry and Audit Teams
The Crime Registrars and staff are responsible within Norfolk and Suffolk for ensuring that Crime and Incident recording is consistently applied in accordance with the National Crime Recording Standards, Home Office Counting Rules for Recorded Crime and National Standard for Incident Recording; thereby ensuring that each force delivers accurate statistics that are trusted by the public and puts the needs of victims at its core.  To meet this requirement the team undertake a range of training, marketing, Quality Assurance and audit.