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Criminal Justice Service

Our Criminal Justice Service department brings together the work of operational police officers and our partners in the criminal justice process, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Her Majesty’s Court Services.

Together we aim for the best possible conviction rates, the best possible care for witnesses and victims and the effective administration of justice.

The Criminal Justice Service is made up of the following teams:

  • The File Submission team receives all new crime files from police officers. They ensure the CPS and the court receive a suitable case file for first hearing. They are also responsible for clearing and storing of court disposals.
  • The Case Management and Trials Work team manage not guilty trial files and Crown Court cases in liaison with CPS and the officer in charge.
  • Victim and Witness Services support victim and witnesses through the court trial process.
  • CJS Resulting team manages the electronic disposal of cases and court results on police systems.
  • The PNC Bureau manages updates on the Police National Computer.
  • Property team manages the disposal and return of property involved in criminal cases.
  • The Safety Camera and Central Ticket Office process minor traffic offence tickets.
  • The Traffic Justice Unit process minor traffic and Road Traffic Collision files.