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Contact and Control Room

Our Contact and Control Room (CCR) is the hub of communication across the Force.

It deals with:

  • 999 emergency calls
  • non-emergency enquiries via telephone, email, text and social media
  • contact with officers and staff on the ground

The CCR is responsible for every police deployment in the county. It is the first point of operational command for all major incidents in the county, including those involving firearms. CCR is responsible for ensuring that all incidents are appropriately resourced which may include using specialist resources such as Roads Policing units and officers equipped with dogs.

The contact and control function operates from Police Headquarters in Martlesham and is staffed by a mixture of police officers and police staff.

 Emergency and non-emergency calls
If you dial 999 we aim to answer calls within ten seconds, sending the nearest appropriate police resource and giving you an estimated time of arrival.

The Contact and Control Room staff are trained to make an initial assessment of the call: responses can range from providing the caller with advice about straightforward enquiries like lost property to making rapid responses to emergency calls such as road traffic collisions.

Police deployments
The Contact and Control Room uses a sophisticated vehicle tracking system which ensures that the closest, most appropriate police resource is deployed whether this is an immediate response vehicle, a neighbourhood policing car, or a specialist unit.

In an emergency we aim to arrive in an urban area within 15 minutes and within 20 minutes for rural areas.

Facts and Figures

In 2015 CCR received over 271,000 calls for service, comprising of:

  • 80,631 999 calls, an average of 220 a day
  • 190,884 101 calls, an average of 522 a day.

The CCR sent police resources to nearly 166,000 incidents across the county and resolved over 60 per cent of calls without the need to deploy a front line officer.