Publication scheme

Public authorities are required under Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act, to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme, which is approved by the Information Commissioner (ICO) and that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

As of 1 January 2009 the Information Commissioner introduced to all public authorities an approved model Publication Scheme, enforced by Section 19 of the Act, which sets out the statutory requirements that each public authority must adhere to.

Suffolk Constabulary is committed to adopting the standard format used by police services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In doing so, information will be managed to a high level, and the way in which information can be provided and whether a fee applies will be readily available.

To ensure information can be accessed quickly and easily, the Publication Scheme is maintained in accordance with ICO minimum standards and is split into the following information classes:

Information published onto the Publication Scheme is free of charge, however there may be additional disbursement costs; i.e. for printing or postage, in cases where a large quantity of information is required.

If you require information, which has not already been published, but is within the minimum standards as set by the ICO, please contact the Freedom of Information Team  via [email protected].  

For information which is not routinely published, you will need to submit a Freedom of Information request.

The Publication Scheme is monitored and developed by the Freedom of Information Team at Police Headquarters in Martlesham.

Copies of documents

If you require a hard copy of any of the information provided within the Publication Scheme, please contact the Freedom of Information team, who can advise whether or not there will be a copying charge. Please refer to the fees and charges section for more details. 

Translation Requests

If you require a document in another format or language, the Constabulary will do its best to help you. Please e-mail your request, together with your contact details to [email protected]