Road safety


Road safety

In this section you will find top tips on road safety, including information on drink and drug driving, mobile phone laws, vehicle safety, speeding, local campaigns and more.

  • Community Speedwatch

    Help combat speeding where you live and keep your local roads safe.

  • Safe Rider

    Sign up for one of our Safe Rider workshops to help you become a safe rider.

  • Secure your vehicle

    Read our top tips on how to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

  • What to do in a collision?

    Advice to motorists to know what should be done if you were involved in an accident.

  • Don't drink and drive

    Drinking alcohol can affect your ability to drive a vehicle with potential dangerous consequences.

  • Are your modifications legal

    Modifications to your car is fun and cool. However are you sure your modifications are acceptable and legal?