Reducing the strength

Reducing the strength

'Reducing the Strength'

Police and partners have launched a campaign to stop the sale of super strength alcohol from off-licence premises in Ipswich.

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  • Super strength alcohol and crime

    Forty per cent of violent crime in Ipswich in 2012/2013 was alcohol-related, and 37% of violent crime in Suffolk was alcohol-related.

  • Alcohol and Anti-social Behaviour

    The consumption of super strength alcohol is often linked to Anti-social Behaviour, particularly anti-social drinking in public places.

  • Super strength alcohol and health

    Super-strength alcohol can have a serious effect on your health - that’s the message from NHS Suffolk as it supports the campaign to stop the sale of super-strength alcohol in off-licenses in Ipswich.

  • Go super strength free

    Off-licence owners in Ipswich are being called upon to become ‘superheroes’ of Ipswich and go ‘super strength free’.

  • Responsible licensing

    Ipswich Borough Council is responsible for issuing licences for the sale of alcohol and is joint founder of 'Reducing the Strength'.

  • Lisa's story

    At her lowest point, Lisa was drinking around three litres of super strength cider every day, now she has turned her life around.

  • Reducing the Strength - one year on

    At the year anniversary of the ‘Reducing the Strength’ Campaign, figures and feedback were analysed, which revealed that it is having a positive effect on the town.