Lost and found

I have lost my driving licence/passport/handbag, how do I report it to the police?
You can report the loss in person to your local police station or you can telephone your local police property stores and report the loss.

With regards to passports, there is a form that you must fill in (LS01) in order to get a replacement passport. You should fill in the form even if you do not wish to replace your passport.

The passport is available from;

  • UKPS offices
  • The Passport Adviceline (0870 521 0410)
  • Post Offices and some World Choice travel agents
  • Immigration officers at ports of entry in to the UK
  • Police Stations

The system has been introduced in order to combat the fast growing crime of identity theft.


I have found some property, what do I do?
You should liaise with your local police station. It might be that you want to hold onto the property on the understanding that if the owner comes forward you must relinquish it or you can hand it in at your local police station.

If you choose to hand it in then you will be given a form that entitles you to collect the property if it is not claimed within 28 days (except mobile phones and any other unsuitable objects).


Does this answer your question?
If not, try www.askthe.police.uk to answer further questions on lost or found property.

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