Street Level Crime now not only gives residents access to the latest crime data in their neighbourhood. The site also shows ‘justice outcomes’ for crimes previously committed.

Justice outcomes are the ways in which crimes have been finally resolved.

This could include, for example, a caution being issued by the police, a decision that a case cannot be taken any further or an offender being sentenced at court.

A glossary of justice outcome terms is available, offering explanatory notes of each category.

The service is managed solely by the Home Office, using information provided by partners in the criminal justice system.



The explanatory notes cover the following areas:

  • Home Office and Suffolk Constabulary areas of responsibility
  • How the data is compiled and timescales
  • How the points on the map are decided upon
  • Explanation of the crime and incident categories and what they include
  • What to do if you are not satisfied with how data is presented


Crime Comparator

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