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Suffolk SAFEKey

Is it worth the risk of leaving the security of your home, business or vehicle to chance?

Suffolk SAFEKey is a comprehensive keyholder service offered by Suffolk Police, which helps support local charities.

It is available to residential and business owners within the county, providing protection and assistance should you lose your keys.

Signing up for SAFEKey allows the police access to your property in the event of an incident occurring while your property is unattended. They do this by contacting the person you have nominated as a keyholder for the property.

By registering for the service, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home or property will be in safe hands when you are not there.

In addition to the keyholder database provision, we also offer a key fob recovery service, which means that all SAFEKey members are issued a with key fob, featuring the force crest and a unique identifying number.

People who find lost keys with the Suffolk SAFEKey fob are encouraged, through a £10 finders fee, to hand the keys to the police or send them to a secure postal address. This allows for the keys to be returned to their rightful owner.

You can sign up for the scheme by phone, post or online and any money above that required to operate the scheme is used to fund community projects.

Thousands of people have already joined the scheme, which has donated over £150,000 to support Suffolk-based charities since its launch.

Some key benefits of the scheme include:

  • Suffolk SAFEKey branded key fob meaning there is a 90% likelihood that your keys will be recovered if lost when attached to a fob. Each fob carries an identifying number unique to you.
  • Cover for your keys if lost anywhere in the EU.
  • £10 reward to the finder of your keys courtesy of Suffolk SAFEKey.
  • Emergency helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Access to contact details of a nationwide network of approved locksmiths should you need to replace your locks or keys.
  • Accessible emergency contact and keyholder details recorded on our secure database letting the police know who to call in the event of an incident at your unattended property – your nominated keyholder is someone you trust and lives in the vicinity of your property.
  • A window sticker to confirm your membership to officers attending your unattended property meaning reduced risk of forced entry and potential incurred costs.

Click here to join Suffolk SAFEKEY.

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